Zapier Alternatives For Shopify Task Automation!

Automating tasks became an integral part of the e-commerce business. Luckily we got tools such as Zapier to do it. But, can we trust it? Zapier is a fantastic option, but it isn’t focused on Ecommerce. We got technology in our hands, let’s see the best alternatives to zapier and find what is better for you.

1. Shopify Flow

Shopify’s app ” Shopify flow” is a terrific automation tool that stores utilize for automating repetitive tasks.

Key features:

  • It integrates tools like Smile
  • This tool offers automation capabilities for optimizing the consumer experience
  • Analytical insights track workflow performance
  • It’s a great option for the Shopify Plus stores as it’s free to Shopify plus tier.
  • As it’s made for Shopify stores you could follow different options such as inventory tracking, order management, and more.


  • The high customizability is a big plus feature. You can easily develop a workflow if you like to automate something.
  • Automation eradicates the main thing that’s human error. With the Shopify Flow, you can finish routine tasks by avoiding any difficulties.
  • Being a scalable platform,  Shopify Flow could get rid of the stresses & automate the tasks as the store thrives.


  • The restriction regarding consumer numbers from the customer list in the Admin is annoying.
  • The app might not load at times properly
  •  Shopify Flow is accessible in English which becomes tough for the non-English merchants
  • Not every app is connected to the Shopify Flow

2. Workato

Another fantastic one in this Zapier alternates is Workato.  It’s quite an impressive app that features several things for businesses, teams, and professionals. But, its free plan is totally for the business that likes to automate tasks and organize. A Shopify agency would help you decide if Workato suits your business or not.

Key features:

  •  Workato features a user-friendly platform and intuitive interface.
  • Benefit from over  225,000 community recipes that set workflow within minutes.
  •  Workato looks at gaziantep escort bayan security very seriously with many centers that secure the data.


  • Smart trigger features create complex workflows.
  •  Workato is the best solution that connects & supports in terms of improving operations and admin.


  •  Workato included wide knowledge of articles and tutorials such as webinars,  eBooks, etc
  •  Quick help over free plans is limited to the community forum.

Price: Workato offers five plans that range from free plans to $2,499 monthly.

3. Automate

Want to integrate with cloud-based apps then Automate can be your best option to go with.  With automation one can develop complex workflows, can automate marketing sales,  business processes, and much more.

Key features:

  • Automate is simple, quick to set up, and features a user-friendly interface.
  • You can create one-to-one integrations within minutes that help you streamline sales processes easily.
  • Include multiple actions & applications for developing complex automated workflows.
  • Sync the e-commerce apps & store them through Automate. Send and create invoices, and track payments and orders easily.


  •  Zapier runs 100 tasks whereas automation runs  250 on the free plan
  •  Automate let’s multi-step workflows on every plan, that involves a free version of the service.
  • Zapier has two-step workflows where its multi-step workflows are stored for premium users.


  •  Zapier integrates more services & Automate.

Price: Automate offers five price plans that range from free to $79/month.

4. Pebbly Connect

Did you know that Bubbly Connect has over 9,000 customers across the world? Yes, it’s not just an automation tool but a wonderful option for team collaboration. Its interface is simple and sleek. With the help of its built-in tools, merchants can plan automation at an advanced level for a few things such as a router, del, ay, and scheduling.

  Pabbly Connect provides unlimited internal tasks along with 10,000 external tasks. Pebbly Connect incorporates – payment portals, marketing software,  CRM tools, form builders, and much more.

Key features:

  • It’s User friendly
  • One-time payment to use lifetime is what made it a success
  • Internal tasks are unlimited & free


  • More than  3000 Automation Video Tutorials are accessible


  • No monthly price plans
  • You can’t auto-save  workflows
  • Don’t have any live chat support


Do you need a zapier alternative for just private use then IFTTT is for you?  It’s a free way to customize technical experiences by communicating with the apps and devices.  IFTTT mainly focused on fintech consumers, which offers a different selling notch in the list.

  •  IFTTT lets merchants connect more than 600 services, that includes business tools,  apps, email providers,  cloud platforms, etc.
  •  These purpose-built workflows let merchants connect services that make them help together.
  • Its app is accessible in the google play store


  • No coding knowledge is needed
  • Users could personalize the app for certain specific


  • Its dashboard is not intuitive
  • If you aren’t able to find a suitable applet, then you can create it all by yourself.
  • Changing email, and accessing data bring errors while execution


IFTTT offers a free plan, but its $199 developer plan helps your offer a service or app through IFTTT. Want to know more about zapier alternatives contact a Shopify plus agency today.

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