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Why Unity, Not Unreal, Is Used For 3D Game Development?


The gaming industry is the most popular, with a deadly combination of entertainment and technology. On that note, there’s constant confusion between the various platforms available in the industry. Different game engines have different features and resources, making every platform suitable for different platforms. Therefore, some factors are there that need to be considered in order to choose the perfect platform as per your project requirements. Among all, Unity is considered the most preferable and efficient game engine. Therefore, firstly, let’s start with the basic introduction of Unity. 

Unity Introduction

Unity was founded by Unity technologies and is a popular high-end game engine. Due to its alluring features, Unity has a huge fan base responsible for its engine growth. In general, Unity includes VR, AR, 2D, and 3D game tools that the developers can deploy on various platforms. Furthermore, the robust features of Unity help the developers execute photorealistic assets and cinematic animations. Other than that, this game engine can now be used for life-like characters, well-defined objects, and captivating environments. 

Games are played on a number of devices like Android, iOS, PC, and more. Therefore, game development companies must develop multiple versions for users of any device.

Using Unity for game app development minimizes the efforts of the game app development company, enabling them to build mobile games targeting both Android and iOS platforms. 

Companies are constantly praising Unity for its console-based game development and mobile game development. Also, there is constant support for different platforms and formats. 

There are many reasons why the Unity game engine is considered one of the most favored game engines for PC console-based or mobile games.

Considerable features of Unity3D:


Comparatively, Unity is easier and more convenient than other game app development technologies and platforms. Other technologies keep getting more complex with their use. In that scenario, Unity provides supportive features to the users. 

Huge Asset Store

Unity provides a wide range of textures, unique animation scripting languages, pre-designed 3D models, object modeling, etc., to game developers. 

Developers can easily purchase important assets without building them on their own. The Unity asset store allows modelers, musical artists, or craftsmen to earn money. 

2D Game App Development

Primarily, Unity is used for 3D game development; it also has features for building 2D games. The newest Unity version has the in-built rich assets and a 2D engine to help the developers build 2D games a lot more easily. 

Furthermore, the version enables the developers to build 2D games for multiple platforms and devices such as mobiles, gaming, consoles, and PCs. 

Community Support

Unity has got uninterrupted assistance from a big pool of developers. More than a couple million developers have been using Unity programming with the constant increase in the number of users. The completed process of sharing the approval or disapproval of the client. Furthermore, development is comparably easy, and it can fix issues rapidly.  

Less Coding

There’s an advantage for individuals who are not thoroughly familiar with coding; Unity has no compulsion of coding knowledge or experience. Although it does use JavaScript, Boo, and C#, you can still build a game without writing the code. 

Easy availability

Unity is available in both the free and pro versions with a number of features. Moreover, for high-version games, you can use the pro version to access advanced features like 3D composition booster, feature playback, sound channel, etc. Also, if you consider yourself a developer who is not that much, you will be able to use the free version and make your ideas come to life. But if your requirements are professional, then you should go for the pro-business scheme. 


When it’s about top-notch and next-level graphics, it’s about Unity. The game engine provides considerably customizable rendering technology and various engaging tools to help in a glorious, captivating game for the market. Also, in the case of 3D games, developers can produce natural and seamless motion of objects. 


With Unity, game developers can get compatibility with multiple operating systems, like iOS, Android, Steam, and consoles. In addition, Unity allows developers to build games for multiple platforms along with many game stages. 

Game stages hold a certain type of crucial element, and with Unity, it becomes possible to move easily to the next phase and make the game much more extraordinary. 

Multiplayer Gaming

Most of the popular multiplayer games that are out there are built with Unity Engine. The platform can provide several features that motivate developers to build top-notch game projects for passionate players. Moreover, Unity 3D makes the game development process simple and fun simultaneously. 

Comparison between Unity and Unreal

Below are some of the base points based on the comparison between the two platforms.

Community support:

Community support could be crucial when deciding which to choose between both platforms. Unreal and Unity have threads, forums, and blogs filled with contributing members who can readily help and contribute whenever a bug or a glitch occurs. 

That said, Unity’s developer community is always available and can contribute through the built-in feature in Unity’s asset store. 

This implies that direct interaction can save a lot of time in productivity and effort. Including an integrated environment for the designers and developers contributes to the better contribution and storage of information, making it a better community. 


Both platforms have different features and functionalities, so the developers and designers have different perspectives. For developers, the preferred platform is Unity because of the excellent packaging of its assets, ease of access, and real-world visuals. Moreover, with the pro-level features, the game can become more captivating and exciting while enhancing the experiences. 


When it’s about easy availability and accessibility, Unity has made sure to be the best choice. However, you will have to purchase the pro version of Unity for more advanced features and options. There are different types of subscriptions as monthly packages. The pro version provides unlimited features for developers and designers to make their apps stand out in the market. On the other hand, Unreal does not have any pro version but charges a small amount of revenue. Both platforms are at the top, but the choice depends on personal preference and project requirements. 


Undoubtedly, graphics is one of the most critical points in game development.

Unity can create a high-quality, stunning graphical world with 2D and 3D rendering techniques. Fast renders, high performance, with great render and product qualities all come under the reason to choose Unity as the most preferred platform for game development. 


Lastly, both platforms have their pros and cons, but what matters most is your working technique, project requirements, and vision. In the beginning, choosing between Unity and Unreal can be confusing, but the ultimate choice is yours to make. Both game engines are constantly evolving and changing, and if analyzed, you will be able to choose and make the right decision. Graphics, language, and system UI are the factors that contribute to the final choice. So, both are excellent softwares to own if you need to shine in the gaming industry. 

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