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What made me love Annapurna more than Everest?

If you compare it with Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp is considerably cheaper for hikers with a budget. There are three main reasons for this being the location, cost of transportation as well as the length of time needed to travel there. Since it’s accessible via highway, getting to Everest Base Camp there to get to ABC trailhead is much cheaper in terms of transport.


When I was a kid in the United States, I had always wanted to visit the rainforest. The problem is that the terms “jungle” or “forest” are often used to mean the same thing in India. But in America, in the United States, we just refer to the forest as that’s all we have: pines as well as oaks and birches. When people think of forest it is usually the Rainforest and the scenes in”Jungle Book.” Disney movie “Jungle Book.” I’ve always dreamed of being enveloped by the deep and lush foliage of a lush, wet jungle, but had never seen one.

From the first moment, I could tell there was something unique in this Annapurna trek. I noticed my first banana tree and sat there for a long time looking at it until someone showed me the fruit plant hanging from the center. The palm trees coexisted with waterfalls, ferns, dense bamboo shoots that crisscrossed, and delicate, vibrant flowers that were blooming along the path and the densest undergrowth that I’ve ever experienced. It was as if we were traversing through a tunnel of green with just a few rays of sunshine being reflected through the vines, trees and bamboo seemed to cooperate.


Pokhara is the closest city to the beginning of the ABC trek. After that, it’s a short taxi ride to the village at the trailhead after which you’re off in the event that you convince yourself to quit Pokhara.

In a certain way, the city has succeeded in creating the feeling of a beach-side resort. Pokhara is located between the mountains and Phewa Lake, which has the impression of Goa. We couldn’t resist taking one of those tiny boats and paddling to the center of the lake. From there, we could spot the temples in the mountains above us as well as the bamboo shacks. They serve refreshing drinks during happy hour as well as cooked chicken and maize.

JHINU Hot Springs:

I would recommend following the Jhinu way back to ABC however, you could visit this town while ascending. Jhinu is the final town you’ll see before heading back to civilization. located on a tiny edge of a larger mountain crest. It’s the perfect final destination for an absolutely breathtaking week.

We’d been discussing it for days. After all, we’d hiked more than 60 kilometers over rough terrain, and looked forward to a relaxing time. We were just arriving at Jhinu when we ran towards the river in our swimsuits and slid through the steam.

This was flawlessly executed in every way.

The bottom line is that regardless of EBC or ABC and you’ll be exhausted There will be good days and bad ones and things that annoy you as well as things that enthrall you. However, both will make for an unforgettable holiday.

Everest BASE CAMP:

The porters make use of animals, typically yaks, to transport supplies towards the South Base Camp. To reach the North Base Camp, an asphalt road is accessible directly from China National Highway 318. Many climbers remain at base camp for days to adjust and lower the likelihood of getting altitude sickness.

Many trekkers travel from Kathmandu to Lukla prior to starting the trek to the base camp. In order to conserve both energy and time. It is still possible, however, you can walk from Kathmandu to Lukla. Heavy and large items should be transported by plane as there is no road connecting Kathmandu to Lukla.

Additionally the permission required to travel to Tibet. The permit issued by the Chinese government is required to enter North Base Camp. North Base Camp. This North Base Camp has been closed to visitors since February. The permits were previously purchased through Lhasa travel agencies in conjunction with a holiday which included the hiring of a vehicle driver, guide, and car.

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