What Does High Vg Vape Juice Mean?

High VG vape juice (80% or higher) is a type of vape juice that uses vegetable glycerol as a sub-ingredient. Vape juice produced with high VG is thicker and richer in flavor than vape juices with lower VG content. High VG or high vegetable glycerin. Is a vape juice term that refers to the percentage of vegetable glycerin present in the vape juice line.

A high quantity of vegetable glycerin (VG). Also known as vegetable oil or propylene glycol, it is a critical ingredient in vaping liquids. Most e-cigarettes and vaping kits have a range of e-liquids to suit different tastes. So you can choose the one that’s most suitable for your needs.

The difference between high VG and low VG vape juices depends on the type of vape juice and vape mod. For example, humble PG e-liquids contain less PG than those with high PG. However, high VG juices are more elevated than low VG and high PG options.


High-VG vape juice helps you feel fresh, clean, and sharp. With high-VG vape juice, you can experience fantastic flavor without all the unwanted chemical fillers. HIGH VG VAPE JUICE is an excellent choice for beginners looking for high-flavor juice. With a thick mouth feel. This e-liquid has dense clouds of vapor and crisp throat hits that leave you wanting more.

High VG vape juice. Who enjoys the flavor of cocoa but wants something a little different. High Coco Vape Juice e-Liquid is an excellent choice for anyone. These e-liquids come in fruit flavors as well as classic vanilla. So you can find a vape juice that suits your tastes and has a balanced blend.

What Vapes Work Best With High VG?

High VG vape juice is a blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Two ingredients found in many e-liquid tanks. High VG blends are heavier nicotine content. Which makes them ideal for use with high-wattage sub-ohm tanks. This gives them a creamy, smooth, buttery mouthfeel without needing rich flavoring.

Highly diluted with vegetable glycerin – or “additive,” vapers can enjoy the benefits of a high-VG juice without any nicotine. High VG e-liquids are at the high end of vaping devices and can be found in most box mods. These e-juice flavors are usually thick in texture and rich in flavor. Which means they can be a challenge to use with certain vapes.

With high VG juice, you will get the flavor. But you will also get a lot more vapor. If you are new to vaping and need help finding the right vape for your experience level. See our Vape Guide for Beginners for advice on selecting the device that suits you best.

Higher Vg—is it better?

High-VG vape juice is a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin. Which is produced when vegetable oils are distilled. High VG liquid can be appealing to some vapers. Who wants a more robust taste. While others prefer lower VG liquid because they want vapor production at low temperatures.

Higher VG vape juice is the way to go if you are looking for a more dense vapor and throat hit. Higher VG provides the same amount of vapor as lower VG. But also has a thicker texture that produces more vapor. High VG (70% to 80%) e-liquid is the preferred vaping standard.

It provides the most flavorful vape, has a higher resistance to combustion, and produces plenty of clouds! The higher the VG percentage, the more flavourful your juice will be. Lighter on the throat while heavier on the palate. It is still possible to have a high-VG vape without sacrificing flavor.

Is VG safe to vape?

High VG vape juice is a more concentrated and flavorful blend of e-juice than high PG and is preferred by vapers looking for maximum satisfaction. High VG is more delicious, produces more intense vapor, and produces thicker vapor clouds. But often contains less nicotine.

If you vape high-VG juices. Then you are inhaling a substantial amount of vapor into your lungs, leaving you feeling good at the end of your vaping session – similar to smoking, with less overall health risk. High-VG vape juice is not too much of a concern as long as it has the appropriate PG-to-VG ratio.

Vaping is a safe and effective way to get your nicotine fix. However, it’s essential to remember that not all vape juice is ‘safe’ to vape. The amount of VG (“Vegetable Glycerin”) in your e-liquid can impact how ‘thick’ or smooth the vapor you inhale actually is.

Like flavorings and menthols added to traditional cigarettes with different nicotine hits, high VG e-liquid has a higher percentage of VG than low VG e-liquid. High VG vape liquid exerts more vapor production due to more significant amounts of vegetable glycerin mixed into the base ingredients, such as PG (propylene glycol) and/or VG (vegetable glycerin), when compared with lower VG liquids’.

VG is safe to vape, but some people have reported a throat or coughing sensation when vaping. Many devices contain coils intended for vaping coil-free e-liquids and will not work with high VG e-juices.

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