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What Are The Steps In Playing Ludo?

The steps to play ludo are as follow

Ludo, one of the most popular board games in India has always remained a favorite pass time for kids and adults. looking for a quick escape from the boring hours of the day. Though the game is quite easy to play it involves strategic moves if you wish to be a winner.

There are a series of steps involved to play the game and after that practice to evolve your own gameplay. If you are wondering what are the steps in playing ludo then continue reading to know the procedure and step-by-step milestones that you need to achieve!

Understand the setup

Before proceeding with the steps involved in playing ludo, you must first understand the setup. Ludo game has four corners, and each corner has a dedicated color yard that is connected to the respective home of the same color. The game can be played between two to four players and everyone is allotted a color. The players get four tokens according to the color allotted and these tokens are kept in the yard. As the game proceeds, the tokens get shifted to the first step of the route and the objective is to make all these pieces reach the home as early as possible.

Steps In Playing Ludo

Playing ludo involves various steps. The following are the essential steps that you must know to play like an expert:

Rolling the dice

The first and the most important step in ludo is the rolling of the dice. Each player gets the opportunity to roll the dice during their chance and the number rolled on the dice determines the steps to be taken. Suppose, you roll a five on the dice then you can take 5 steps with any of your tokens. Usually, a token opens only after rolling a 6 on dice but while playing on WinZO, all your token gets opened automatically as the game commences. However, if any of your tokens is captured by an opponent and returned to your yard, you need a six-on-dice to reopen it.

Opening the tokens

While playing ludo, a token opens only after rolling a six on the dice and some platforms also accept the opening on one. However, for those who play ludo on WinZO, the initial opening of tokens is not a challenge. As the game commences, all the tokens get shifted to the first step. However, if your token gets cut then you need to roll a six on dice to open the respective token.

Moving the tokens

As you get four tokens that are required to be transferred to the home, you can plan moves according to your preferences. Some players prefer keeping their tokens spread out across the route, whereas many focus on keeping one or two in the lead. While playing ludo, you need to strategize the move of your tokens to ensure that they reach home as early as possible. Always keep an eye on your opponent’s move and make sure that your tokens are ahead of them.

Taking opponent’s tokens

Capturing or cutting your opponent’s token is an important step in playing ludo. While playing ludo on WinZO, whenever you grab your challenger’s token, you get additional points. This also slows down your opponent’s game and their points are deducted accordingly. You also get an additional chance whenever you take your opponent’s token. This step helps in turning the whole gameplay and can turn you into the winner even when you have quite fewer chances of winning the game.

Additional chances with 6s

Whenever you roll a six on the dice, you get an additional chance. While playing on WinZO, you roll a six and complete your move, and after that, you get an additional chance of rolling the dice. This gives you a chance to cover the maximum distance towards the home of your respective color. However, if you roll three 6s then you don’t get an additional chance and the dice get passed to the next challenger.

During such a situation, you also miss a chance of turninfg steps after your third six. Instead, the dice get transferred to the next player, leaving your tokens unchanged. Always avoid getting three 6s altogether as the third one would not be beneficial for you.

Reaching home

Reaching home is one such step in playing ludo, without which your game remains incomplete. The objective of the game is to make your tokens reach the home as early as possible and if you fail to do it, the challengers whose tokens reach their respective home wins the game. To complete this step you need to cross the whole board and other colors region too. You need to be quite peculiar and prefer moving all the tokens at a time to rule the board.

As soon as all your tokens reach home, the game ends and you are declared to be the winner.

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Ludo is truly a perfect game to escape the mundane, and playing it in online mode adds unmatchable thrills to your experience.

Now, when you know what are the steps to playing ludo, you can indulge in never-ending gaming encounters by downloading the WinZO app and winning real cash rewards with all your wins. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Steps In Playing Ludo

How many steps are there in Ludo?

There are no specific steps involved in playing the ludo game. However, whenever you roll a dice, the maximum number of steps that can be taken at once is 6. As six is the biggest number that can be rolled on a dice.

How do you play ludo and win?

You need to know the steps of playing ludo, related rules, and tricks to play and win the game. It is a strategic game and you always need to have a plan to win it.

What is the easiest way to win Ludo?

Everyone has their unique way of winning the game and it’s always wise to have a game plan if you wish to be a winner. However, grabbing the maximum number of the opponent’s tokens undoubtedly helps in winning the game.

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