What Are The Advantages Of Laminated Mailers?

Laminated mailers offer several benefits. These include durability, protection from smudges, and Personalization. These qualities are important in a marketing campaign. Therefore, laminated mailers are an excellent choice if you are in the market for mailing solutions. In this article, we will talk about how they can benefit your business.


laminated mailer provides increased durability and protection against various damage sources, including water, dirt, and smudges. They can also be easily cleaned with a normal soap and water solution. Moreover, they provide a protective layer against UV rays, which can damage printed materials.

Lamination provides additional protection against creases and fold lines. Fold lines can be more visible on mailer boxes of dark colors, but these lines are much less noticeable on lighter-colored designs. Lamination also reduces the appearance of cracks at the fold lines. For these reasons, it is highly recommended to laminate mailers that contain full-color prints or are thicker than standard cardboard boxes.

Laminating your mailer will extend its life and prevent your marketing materials from looking worn and dingy. It will protect your mailer from water and scuff marks, and it will also protect the printed materials from scratches and water damage. Moreover, lamination will help you cut costs in reprinting and replacements.


Laminated mailers are a great way to personalize your direct mail. They are more durable than other print materials and customizable for your products and services. They are great for menus, store openings, promotional tools, coupons, and more. They are also a great option for mailers in inclement weather.

Laminated mailers are also easier to track than other forms of direct marketing. They allow you to keep track of response rates, conversions, and campaigns because you can add codes for each campaign. In addition, people can easily read and digest direct mail. Finally, compared to other marketing methods, people respond more positively to mailers.

In addition to direct mail coupons, laminated mailers can be used for price lists. They are durable and easy to clean, making them a great choice for direct marketing. They also work well for parts lists.

Protection From Smudges

When you use a laminated mailer, you can ensure your direct mail campaign stands the test of time and protect your marketing materials from smudges and scuffs. Whether your mailing is for business or personal use, lamination provides a protective barrier to minimize mailer damage during shipping.

Lamination is a process that applies a clear film to the surface of a printed sheet. It is often used for business cards or other printed material that is handled often. It adds strength without affecting the printing, and colors stand out better when laminated. Lamination can also extend the life of print pieces and prevent them from needing to be reprinted.

Printed materials are especially vulnerable to wear and tear during direct mail. That’s why choosing a mailer with a protective coating is imperative. Specifically, if your product has a high degree of detail, you may want to consider a laminated mailer. The protective coating will protect your print materials from scratches and smudges and won’t cost you much more.

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