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What Android Devices Are Best For My Children?

Android is an open-source operating system that allows developers to create tablets with children in mind. But not all tablets are the same. You’ll have to deal with limitations on any tablet. These are the top tablets and how you can make them even better.

The Best Tablets for Kids

Pre-K to Primary: Leapfrog LeapPad

The Leapfrog tablet was created with children in mind. It is a tablet that’s primarily educational and provides a wide range of tools to help kids learn. It’s meant for children aged 3-6 years old and will not grow beyond that age.

Preteen to Elementary: Amazon Fire Kids 7″, 8, and 10″

Amazon tablets were designed specifically for children. Parents should be aware that Amazon’s tablet ecosystem is tied to their devices, which can limit access to certain apps and tools.

Preteen – Barnes and Noble Nook 110.1″

It’s the most affordable size and is designed for reading. However, it can’t be used to sell books at Barnes and Noble. Although it will work with other apps, the configuration may be difficult.

Teens: Samsung Galaxy Tab Active

The Tab Active series includes a rugged case for teens who want to be responsible with their tablets. It’s intended for everyone, so there won’t be many controls.

Built-In Controls and Options

The manufacturer and the device will determine which controls are available. Before you hand over a tablet

– Get familiar with the internal controls of each device. For example, set up parental controls in the Google Play Store and check if third-party applications can be installed.
Apps that are geared towards kids and adults can be replaced with apps that are child-only such as YouTube Kids.
– Establish rules that are applicable to all devices.

These tools will be limited and decisions made by the manufacturer, not the parents, will determine the outcome. Amazon, for example, offers tools that can track tablet usage and approve or block in-app purchases. However, Fire tablets won’t allow you to permanently block in-app purchases. This is contrary to Amazon’s wishes. Remember that the manufacturer has the ability to change its standards and settings at any moment. So what is a “safe device” today might not be one tomorrow?

Third-Party Parental Control Apps

Third-party parental control apps can provide a level of control that manufacturers cannot. Screen Time includes features such as Instant Pause that enforce rules. It will allow you to set a schedule for when a best tablets for teens are available. This will block off homework and bedtimes. You can also whitelist and blacklist apps so that you can talk with your kids about what they want.

How to track a child’s phone?

You might be concerned about your children using the phone responsibly. shows that internet abuse and crime statistics are grim indicators of the dangers that can befall children if they don’t take proper precautions.

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48% of teenagers say they were in a car with a driver who was texting. This is an alarming statistic. 71% of teenage girls and 67% of teen boys have sent or published sexually suggestive content or messages to their boyfriends or girlfriends. We can’t forget sexual predators and cyber bully.

All of these scenarios are concerning, but they are not common. Worse, your child will have unlimited internet access. There are many distractions online that can hinder your child’s ability to do their homework. 70% of children aged 7-18 years have come across online pornography through internet searches.

When is the right time to get your child a smartphone?

Betsy Braun Brown is a child development specialist who wrote You’re not the Boss Of Me. It all depends on the child’s ability to handle responsibility. A phone should only be given to a child who has shown that they are capable of taking care of their belongings and is ready for a new challenge.

She says, “The kid who keeps losing his jacket each week is not ready to get a phone”

Julia Storm, Digital Media Wellness Educator, and founder of ReConnect says “Wait as long possible.” You are giving your child a costly and potentially addictive smartphone. Storm claims that it could transform their relationship with the world and you forever.

Storm says that young children aren’t particularly well-equipped to control their smartphones from a developmental perspective.

A 2019 study by researchers from King’s College London found that 23% of children suffer from “problematic smartphone use” that can lead to negative mental health effects, including anxiety, depression, stress, and sleep problems.

Do I need parental controls to monitor my child’s mobile phone?

Smartphones give kids easy access to social media sites. They may even be on them if they are younger than the platforms allow. According to , a report by the digital literacy non profit MediaSmarts, twenty percent of fourth-graders use social media networks such as Snapchat and Facebook, even though they require that users be at least thirteen years old. This makes it especially important to have parental control for children younger than 13 years old, as bullying and other unsafe behavior can begin on these sites.

You can limit the viewing of certain websites to children by setting the content settings in the screen menu.

Storm says that parents should consider getting a first phone, similar to learning to drive, when considering restrictions and limits. You can’t just give the keys away and say “good luck!” Kids need guidance, some restrictions and boundaries to help them navigate this complex and overwhelming world.

You can also use safes parental control app for controlling your kids.

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