Ways To Sell More Cars With Video Email!

Over one-third of people who purchase cars can complete their shopping when they visit just one dealership. This is all it takes.

But how do you ensure you’re in the right place when they come to your site? It is essential to use automobile video emails throughout your staff.

In a market with a lot of shouting, it is essential to be louder. Billboards and advertising campaigns can only take you only so far. Sales representatives must meet face-to-face to make a statement.

However, there is a lot of money to be made in time management within the auto business.

Using video emails is the best option to connect with your customers “in person” quickly and efficiently.

How To Sell More Cars With Automotive Video Email

It can be challenging to inspire your staff to incorporate video emails in their auto video marketing. As your dealership’s technology pile grows, the more difficult it gets.

But auto video emails are such a tool that is simple to use.

Your team can share various types of automotive videos with prospective customers and even internally. Here are five ways in which car dealerships are sending out video emails…

1. Lead Response Car Dealership Videos

Car shopping can be done online today because people are searching for cars, not a dealer. An auto dealer can sell more cars if he educates himself with modern auto sales training skills.

As your leads on the internet come in, send them videos. This is what the sales staff at World Car Mazda in New Braunfels, Texas, does.

The sales representative, Kelsey, reaches out to every lead via an automotive-themed video email, like the one below…

It grabs the attention of consumers as they start the process of buying a car. They’re not getting another automated marketing message in plain text. They’re connecting with an actual person who is just like them.

When Kelsey’s clients arrive to take a test drive, they’ll be able to feel like they have a connection with her.

There are times when there aren’t enough prospects to contact via individual video messages. If your company uses automobile video email for sales automation, they’ll send videos to every lead. It will still be a personal contact.

This can be done by recording lead response videos delivered automatically to all their leads on the internet. They’ll get immediate responses.

That’s why they’ll drive them to your dealership and leave with a brand-new automobile.

2. “Thanks For Stopping By” Video Emails

A bit of appreciation can go a long way. Orangeville Chrysler LTD in Ontario recognizes this.

It’s the reason their employees make thank-you videos for customers when they visit the dealership. This one, for instance, was sent by their sales manager, Austin, sent…

He thanked the customer for visiting the dealer and testing an automobile (while displaying the same truck on the back of the video).

He also lets the customer know another vehicle will arrive to take the test drive.

People aren’t just numbers for him. Because he’s trying to follow up with each specific interaction and show gratitude for the opportunity.

Even if the client didn’t depart without a car this time, that isn’t a guarantee they will ever leave.

Inform your dealers to send an auto video thanking customers thanks for the opportunity if they exit without or with a car. This is how you can earn the trust of your customers.

3. Manager Follow-Up Videos Automotive Videos Before Purchase

Managers must also follow up and thank visitors for their time by sending a video message. It provides an additional quality of care to establish confidence.

And that’s precisely the kind of thing Jason, the General Manager at Rohrich Lexus in Pittsburgh, is doing for his customers. The video below is one of the automotive video emails from many he’s sent…

When you check in with customers after interacting with your staff and employees, you provide them with the service they deserve. This will make people want to come back to purchase a vehicle.

Even if they did not sign on the dotted line for the first time.

4. Follow-Up Car Dealership Videos After Purchase

Congratulations, you’ve just sold your car! However, this doesn’t mean that you’ve forgotten about your customers. There’s a good chance they’ll need another car or assistance with their current vehicle.

Sending an auto video message to follow up after the purchase is an excellent chance to connect with them. It lets you show gratitude while opening the way for potential business prospects.

Luke is one of the MacMaster Buick GMC Sales Consultants who meet with clients after an event with the help of a video. In addition, he invites his manager of his, Doug, into the mix as well. Learn how he does it in the video below…

They’re showing their customers they appreciate their opinion even after they purchase an automobile.

They are grateful for their business and want to ensure that the client is pleased with the purchase.

Making this move will ensure you have long-lasting customers because you’re leaving an impression that will remain top of mind.

5. Internal Dealership Update Video Emails

However, your videos for cars aren’t limited to customers. You can send videos to your customers to keep your entire dealership aware of wins in sales lead generation, sales wins, and much more. Learn such skills from an online car sales training program.

Stephen is the Director of Internet Sales for Mike Calvert Toyota in Houston. He sends video updates like the one below on outbound sales appointment schedules leads based on inquiry categories (used/new vehicle) and more.

It’s an excellent method of keeping everyone at your business informed and celebrating the accomplishments and achievements of the team.

There’s a sense of alignment throughout your organization. You’re also encouraging everyone to participate to be part of the process.

The happy employees are the ones who inspire enthusiastic ones. In turn, motivated employees mean more sales of cars.

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