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Ways To Boost Your Brain Power + Sharpen Your Mind

Regular yoga practice helps the body stay healthy and fit. The sages and sages have upheld the tradition of yoga since ancient times. In ancient times, sages lived healthily for hundreds of years with the help of regular yoga practice. This asana is considered to be very good for the body and health. Salamba Sarvangasana or All Limbs Pose is one such asana, which is considered to be the queen of all poses. It is an advanced level hatha yoga asana that is considered useful in practicing more complex asanas. The benefits of practicing Salamba Sarvangasana regularly are many. Its practice is beneficial for keeping the body fit as well as for mental health. The practice of Salamba Sarvangasana is very useful for the problem of depression and mood swings. Let us know in detail about its benefits and method of practice.

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Salamba Sarvangasana is useful for keeping the body in shape and healthy as well as for healing many medical problems. It is more beneficial to practice it in the morning on an empty stomach. This yoga is very effective for sinusitis as it calms the brain. Along with this, it also cleans the organs of the respiratory system, so that there is no problem in breathing. The benefits of practicing Salamba Sarvangasana are as follows.

  1. The practice of Salamba Sarvangasana is considered very beneficial to strengthen the shoulders. Regular practice of this yoga posture helps tone and strengthen your shoulders. Salamba Sarvangasana is also very beneficial for people with bowed shoulders.
  2. The practice of Salamba Sarvangasana is also very useful for strengthening the neck. Its practice is beneficial in many serious problems related to the neck such as Spondylitis or Stiff Neck.
  3. The practice of Salamba Sarvangasana is very useful to increase the flexibility and strength in the spine. Regular practice of it can eliminate spinal problems faster. Apart from this, its regular practice works to increase the working capacity of the nervous system.
  4. The practice of Salamba Sarvangasana is very beneficial to improve mental health. As a result of regular practice, your mind becomes sharp and many serious mental health problems disappear. Practicing this asana is also beneficial in mental problems like depression and anxiety.
  5. Regular practice of this yoga asana works to strengthen the digestive system. The problem of constipation is removed by the practice of Salama Sarvangasana. By doing this regularly your digestive glands are stimulated and food gets digested properly in the body.


How to practice Salamba Sarvangasana:

  • Lie down on the yoga mat.
  • Keep a pillow near the head.
  • Keep both the hands by the side of the body and turn the palms down.
  • Now slowly move the legs upwards in the air.
  • After this, support the body by putting both hands on the waist.
  • Now keep the legs pulled upwards.
  • Keep the shoulders, spine, and hips in a straight line.
  • Remain in this position for 30 seconds to 3 minutes.
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