Top Reasons Why Gaming Is Good For You!

Say yes to gaming. A few reasons to play games

Have you been hearing that playing games is bad for your health and productive life? Then wait. Here we are with a few good reasons to play games. Apart from the feel-good part, playing games have lot more to offer you. Even though we are not taking responsibility for the reasons, there are some studies that support the claims.

With availability to choose from the best free online games, gamers now have many options to choose from and play the one that suits their interest, skills, and personality. With more people now moving towards this activity, knowing it more and understanding it well matters.

5 Reasons Why Gaming Is Beneficial

Some of the main reasons to play games are:

  • Memory

Your memory will grow stronger as you keep on playing games. Now this is something that many parents would love to disagree with. In 2015 a study was conducted by the University of California and in that tasks were given to two groups of participants based on the use of memory. The result found that people who were used to playing 3D game were able to find and retain things faster compared to the other groups and also solved tasks quickly.

Now when we talk about the Minecraft game, the gamers are required to remember the whole map as well remember where all their things are kept. Things are similar in the case of Fortnite, where you are required to remember your base. Only then it will become possible for you to come back quickly after collecting all the items.

  • Decision Making Process

As per Spin Coin News, another benefit that comes from playing games is faster decision making and it can be easily learned from fast-paced games. In such games you will be left in a tense environment and will be required to make quick decisions. For example, when playing Valorant, the whole way the game will proceed will change based on the quick decisions you make. Strategy game like SimCity or Civilization are other types of game where decision-making plays a key role. Here you can only go ahead once you have decided how you plan to play after proper evaluation of all aspects.

  • Vision

With many best free online games available out there, people are used to playing more games. However, parents are worried about the vision as they believe playing too many games can affect that. A study conducted in 2014 in the US and published in Proceedings of the National Academy revealed that people who play games tend to create perceptual templates quickly as compared to non-gamers. In short, such games help with visualization.

Another study conducted in 2009 found that people who played shooting games tend to have better vision compared to gamers who were into other games. In real life scenarios, playing such games helped people to find things quickly that would have otherwise consumed more time.

  • Problem Solving

Problem solving is different from decision-making even though they may seem to be the same thing. Still, they are interrelated. Coming up with a decision for an issue does not mean that you will be able to resolve it. In case of problem solving, you will be required to use the resources and information tactically along with memorization. The same thing happens in terms of role-playing and strategy games. People who are familiar with such games and spend more time playing them, tend to find quick solutions for problems more often as compared to others. You get to understand problems better and find apt solutions quickly.

  • Social Skills

Many people believe that gamers are generally anti-social. The more they play games, the less they interact with people. Spin Coin News has found that gamers generally get well with people who are interested in game and are friendly in general. It is the attitude of the society towards them that brings to such conclusion.

They are comfortable meeting and talking with people who are like-minded. Gamers have a strong and large community that interacts with each other. They are generally introvert and anyone other than gamers can be one. online games have built a platform for people to play games with international players and build strong friendship in the long run. This helps in knowledge sharing and learning from people belonging to different culture and ethnicity.


There are many reasons to play a game. It can just be for fun and entertainment or to completely shape a person’s character and personality. Whatever be the reason, it helps people to become a better individual and a better part of the society.

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