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Top 10 Most Popular On-Demand Food-Delivery Apps In The USA!

Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there’s an app for that. With rising living costs and the fast-paced American lifestyle, people are turning to on-demand food-delivery apps to help them save money while still eating tasty meals in the comfort of their own home or office.

Here is our list of the top 10 most popular on-demand food-delivery apps in the USA.

List of Most Popular On-Demand Food-Delivery Apps


The first thing that you need to know about GrubHub is that it’s a pretty straightforward app. All of the restaurants are listed on one page, and you can see which ones are open by clicking on their name.

You can also filter through them based on categories, such as Vegetarian or Sushi. Once you find a place that sounds good to you, all you have to do is order. If you want to make any changes, like adding an item to your order or picking a different entree, then just go ahead and do that before placing your order. That way, there won’t be any issues when it comes time for the restaurant to prepare your meal.


Uber eats doesn’t require any introduction. This app belongs to the Uber service provider that has already marked its remarkable presence across the globe.

No registration required! Anyone can use their assigned driver information from any other Uber taxi booking app to log in to Uber eats – making it simple for everyone! Offering an intuitive interface like similar food ordering apps such as GrubHub, one of the features that sets this app apart from others is how it reveals the expected arrival time right after an order is placed; allowing users to keep track of their meal without having to call or email themselves.

Furthermore, by including estimated location updates seconds before a new text message arrives, they allow people without constant internet connection (no 3G/4G on mobile devices) take advantage of what otherwise would be an excellent service – especially since they charge only 10% commission per total check off for every transaction made


Doordash is a very popular app – both for its user-friendly features and because it delivers alcohol. In addition to that, the Doordash application changes its menus according to the time of day. For instance, during meal hours you’ll see breakfast items during morning hours and dinner items at night.

There’s also Delight Mode which ranks restaurants based on reviews, average delivery time and additional fees such as late-night charges or service charges. The Doordash mobile app is available in every major city throughout North America including those within Canada; it may only be designed by Dedicated Mobile App Developers who understand what tomorrow requires.

GoPuff Delivery

The goPuff delivery app offers so much more than just delivering your favorite snacks. Not only can you track what’s available at any given time, but ordering anything from small knick knacks to large furniture with just a few clicks.

What makes this worth every penny is that no matter how many things you want delivered; it always costs just $2 in total which includes both the items themselves and the cost of shipping too – making life even easier for consumers who don’t want to deal with complicated math.

Eat 24

At Eat24, it brings top quality food right to your fingertips – 24 hours a day. Our app partners with some of the best restaurants from around the country so that you can have satisfying eats even after midnight. After installing the app, experience what it means to never go hungry again.

Search for the type of cuisine or fast-food item that satisfies your cravings; any and everything is available when it comes to this delivery service. We’re one-of-a-kind in providing late night delivery service – no matter what time of day.


Postmates, an app that grants you the power of instant access to groceries from restaurants around your city has seen many successes. Without the cost associated with other food delivery apps such as commission or subscription fees, Postmates earns revenue by charging a flat monthly fee of 10$. A big benefit for office workers and those who don’t want lunch outside every day! Like most businesses nowadays, customization offers you a chance at creating an entire custom branding strategy which will really personalize it to each company you offer it to.


ChowNow is also a commission-free mobile application which partners with restaurants and cafes all across the world. In addition, they are immensely popular in rural areas just as much as urban ones. One of their best features is that they work with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Maps; this means that people can order food from the restaurant themselves without having to go through an intermediary service provider. Customers will find it easy enough to search for new places or try their favorite foods thanks to these handy features.


Munchery is an independent app that offers delicious freshly made meals at a low cost. It has a monthly subscription of only $9 and provides convenient delivery services, but it doesn’t offer many options when it comes to cafes or restaurants. Still, the company’s food changes daily with different selections from each day so people never get bored – whether they’re ordering now or next week! Behind the intuitive interface design of Munchery there lies an expert team of mobile app development services providers who make it all possible!


Caviar has the most restaurants out of any other food delivery application. Creating an account is necessary, but once you do there are no worries because this app does everything for you.

Along with features like location tracking and a customizable search bar. Caviar also offers a nifty way to filter cafes by things like whether they offer free shipping or expedited service. And don’t forget about their review system which gives ratings from previous customers so you can gauge whether or not it’s worth ordering from them.

All in all, if you’re looking for something that will save time. And effort without sacrificing convenience then Caviar will be perfect for your needs.


Next up is Seamless. The second most popular food delivery application, Seamless offers a wide variety of features so you’ll never grow bored with what they have to offer. One favorite feature people rave about is that. You can have your order delivered wherever you happen to be – even if it’s while running errands. Features like real-time tracking and automatic coupons are also available on the app – just as they are in other apps out there.


In this blog, we have listed the top 10 on demand food-delivery apps in the USA. If you are planning to launch your food delivery app in the market. The above list will help to choose the best functionalities that can increase your user experience and boost profit margins.

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