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The Perfect Vilnius Itinerary

The Perfect Vilnius Itinerary

There are many places in Europe that tourists can visit, so cities like Vilnius, and Lithuania, are often overlooked. Yes, Vilnius has seen a significant increase in popularity over the past ten years as more international tourists discover the Baltic. This quirky and fascinating city is not as well-known as its neighbors Tallinn or Riga.

Vilnius is a charming city that offers a mix of historic sights and other characters. Check the current location pin code.

Vilnius: Best Time to Visit

Vilnius is near the northernmost point of Europe so it is important to consider when you will be visiting. Vilnius isn’t a place you should worry about high season. However, the weather can have an effect on your visit.

You’ll find the best weather in Vilnius if you visit between May-September. Lithuania, Vilnius, and the Baltic countries generally don’t have hot summers. Therefore, it is quite comfortable to be outdoors during July and August. You should still be able to find great rates as Vilnius is growing in popularity.

It’s best to go to Vilnius in late May or early June to get the best experience. You’ll get lower rates and less chance of it raining on your trip. You might not want the city to be cold between November and March. Check out what is my zip code and search zip codes.

How to get around Vilnius?

You’ll need to be able to navigate Vilnius with 48 hours to spare and lots of sightseeing to do. Vilnius is one of the smallest capital cities in Europe, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find everything. You will find the Old Town is the best place to walk most of the day. 

There may be occasions when public transport is useful, but that’s not the norm in Vilnius. Vilnius has a mix of trolleybuses and buses. There are bus lines all around the Old Town, but not always in the Old Town. The driver can purchase a single-trip ticket for EUR1.00.

There are three options to get from Vilnius Airport to the city center: train, bus, or taxi. Taxis are an option, provided you agree to a minimum price of EUR10.00. Tickets for the bus and train are cheaper at EUR1.00 each. The main train station is reached in about an hour. There are several buses that connect to the bus station or the city center.

Vilnius: Where to Stay?

Finding the right accommodation for your trip to a new place is a top priority. You want it to be comfortable, within your budget, and in a central location. This can have a significant impact on the success of your trip.

Vilnius’ Old Town is where most of the city’s attractions can be found. It is a good idea to stay in the Old Town, but you should also consider other nearby areas such as the downtown Naujamiestis and across the river at Snipiskes.

The Grand Hotel Kempinski it is the ideal choice for a truly memorable stay in Vilnius. The 5-star hotel is located in the Old Town and offers spacious rooms with elegant decor. It also has access to a great fitness center as well as a spa and wellness center.

Staying in an apartment such as the Jovitos Apartment close to Gediminas Ave is a great way to have all the comforts and conveniences of home without spending too much. You can see what a typical Lithuanian apartment looks and feel like, with laundry and cooking facilities.

25 Hours Hostel provides a simple, affordable option for those who only need somewhere basic. The Old Town can be reached easily from the hostel, which is located close to the bus and train stations. You have the option of private or dorm rooms. Both are quiet and clean.

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