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The Google Search Console: How to use it to improve your SEO In 2022?

The Google Search Console is one of the essential tools to put in place when creating your website. This tool is a powerful ally of your SEO Agency Mohali strategy and allows you to track key data on your site’s performance! Find out how to use it to improve your SEO!

What is Google Search Console?

The Google Search Console (GSC) is a free tool develop by Google to allow website owners to track the performance of their sites in search results.

The Search Console works like a dashboard that lists the various data relate to the technical performance of your site. It allows you to easily visualize the errors and problems that hinder its effectiveness.

What are the features of Google Search Console?

Monitoring the indexing status of your site

The “Indexes” tab of Search Console allows you to view detect URLs, SEO Agency Mohali those that have been index and those that have problems .

The “sitemap” tab allows you to submit your sitemap directly to the search engine to help Google robots browse your site and facilitate its indexing.

Tracking performance data on the search network

This is the most important feature in optimizing your SEO.

You can also follow the number of clicks obtain by your site according to the requests as well as the positioning of your site on these keywords.

This data is display in the form of a curve allowing you to easily follow the evolution of your reference.

The Google Search Console offers 4 verification methods :

– Addition of an Html meta tag on the homepage of your site

– Connection with the domain name provider

– Addition of an Analytics tracking code

– Addition of a Google Tag Manager code

Choose the easiest verification method for you and HOPE! You can use this great Google tool!

Sending the sitemap to facilitate indexing

Getting new sites indexed by Google can be quite a lengthy process, SEO Agency Mohali is where the Google Search Console (your new best friend) can come in very handy.

It allows you to submit the sitemap of your site directly to Google, this plan corresponds to the list of all the URLs of your website. In this way, you directly give Google the path to follow to facilitate the work of its robots.

Submitting the sitemap to Google is very important for putting your site online, SEO Agency Mohali it will speed up its indexing and therefore your SEO

After a few months of use

Identification of the keywords for which your site is a reference

The Search Console dashboard allows you to track your site’s performance on the search network: clicks, impressions, CTR, and positioning.

The data collected by the Google Search Console allows you to identify the keywords that generate the most traffic on your site and the keywords on which your site is the best to position.

To identify the keywords on which your site has a good positioning, you must:

1) Go to the “Performance” tab

2) Select the desired period

3) Check the “Average position” box and the “CTR” box

4) Scroll to see the table below the curve

5) Click on the three small lines on the right to “filter”

6) And check “position”

7) A new bar opens with a drop-down menu “Equal to”

8) Click on it and select “Less than”

With these filter parameters, you can see the keywords on which you are well-positioned, SEO Agency Mohali be nevertheless vigilant on the number of impressions and the number of clicks they generate.

Good positioning but low CTR

If your positioning is good, the number of impressions is high, SEO Agency Mohali but your CTR is low.

So there is surely work to be done on your titles and meta descriptions. This means that your site is well-positioned in the results, that it appears often but that users do not click on the link.

It is therefore necessary to optimize your titles and meta description to encourage users to click.

Good positioning but weak impressions

If your site has good positioning on a query but the impressions are low, this means that this keyword is probably very little searched for and that it is not driving traffic.

It is therefore probably not a very relevant keyword from an SEO point of view.

Note that the search data collected by the Google Search Console is not extremely precise and the position display remains an average position.

The first queries in the list then constitute the keywords that generate the most natural traffic on your site.

Discovery of new keywords

The Google Search Console also allows you to identify new keywords to work on to increase traffic to your site.

To identify new relevant keywords to target, you have to analyze the keywords that generate a lot of impressions for which your positioning is not very good today and which in fact generate few clicks.

Queries that generate a lot of impressions are usually highly searched and traffic-driving queries.

The goal will be to position yourself on these keywords by working on your content in this direction.

To identify new keywords, you must:

1) In the “Performance” tab

2) Check the CTR and Positioning boxes

3) Click on the “impression” column to sort your list according to the number of impressions

4) Observe the positioning of your site on these keywords

5 ) Target the keywords for which your site is positioned beyond the 30th position

You have a list of traffic-bearing keywords on which you can work to improve your positioning and therefore generate more traffic.

Conclusion: Google Search Console is your best SEO ally

As you will have understood, SEO Agency Mohali this tool is a very powerful ally in your SEO strategy. It is truly essential for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the performance of your site.

So if it’s not already the case, put it in place today! If you already use the Google Search Console, it’s time to use it to improve your site’s SEO!

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