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Six Best Countertops That Most People Prefer to Install In Their Homes

The countertop is one of the most important items in the kitchen. Choosing a countertop that is durable and of good quality is one of the most crucial steps in deciding on a kitchen countertop.

When you are finding a kitchen countertop, you would want to choose a long-lasting countertop that is not prone to damage. Make sure that the countertop you are purchasing lasts long and can withstand scrapes, splashes, grinding, and high temperature.

Kitchen countertops Tacoma offers you a great variety of high-quality countertops for you to choose from. Whether you want to install a new countertop or want to replace an old countertop, you can easily go for it. You can find dozens of countertops at kitchen countertops in Tacoma, ranging from natural stones, quartz to acrylic sheets, and concrete.

The type of countertop you are about to choose depends upon many factors such as color, durability, appearance, and price.

Let’s discuss some of the best countertops that most people prefer to install in their homes.

1.      Granite

It is one of the most popular countertop choices of homeowners because of the incredible benefits it offers. Granite is very durable and long-lasting.

The majority of the stones that are used as countertops belong to the tan color family. You can find granite in darker and lighter shades. There are many categories of granite, including mid-grade, high grade, and even entry-level.

If the granite has unique patterns and has a greater thickness, then it is considered high-grade granite.

The reason why granite is highly preferable to countertops is that it does not require regular maintenance. It is water and heat-resistant.

Granite is long-lasting and durable. Moreover, it is available at various ranges of prices so you can choose according to your budget.

2.      Quartz

If durability and style are high priorities, quartz may be the best option. It is highly durable, and if you want to break or destroy it, you will have to work hard to scratch, discolor, or damage this countertop’s surface.

In addition, non-porous materials are devoid of bacteria and viruses, which means that surface of quartz will not catch any bacteria or viruses.

These advantages come at a cost that is higher than that of other countertop materials. Quartz is commonly misunderstood as a purely natural stone. However, the truth is that quartz is engineered and is manufactured from crushed and resin filler. Quartz countertops are frequently used as a substitute for granite.

They do not crack easily, and because of their non-porous construction, they do not allow bacterial growth. Moreover, quartz requires minimal maintenance.

However, it can be more expensive than other materials.

3.      Marble

Marble, a natural stone that compliments many luxury kitchens, is probably the most luxurious and popular kitchen counter material. Due to the natural low temperatures of this element, bakers have long preferred marble countertops. Marble also comes in tones of colors, including white, grey, and even green.

However, it’s perhaps not surprising to learn that marble accounts for the majority of the money. Aside from the price, marble is incredibly prone to dirt and scratches. Marble-obsessed homeowners may find it ideal to use marble as part of their countertop.

Marbles add value to the home, and every stone of the marble is unique. The marble surface is best for bakers, and it is heat and water-resistant.

4.      Tile

Tile is the best option for those who prefer design and color. There is a huge variety of tile kitchen countertops available, from hand-painted tiles to porcelain tiles. You will find such wide varieties.

They are also available at a low cost as compared to full-sized slabs. They do not require so much maintenance, and they are available in an amazing range. The tile countertops are also durable. However, being cracked s the biggest hazard that tiles can face. Therefore, it is preferable not to slam down heavy pans or pots.

5.      Laminate

Laminate is a non-porous acrylic substance that comes in various styles and looks.

Whether you are looking for a fun design or a bold color statement, laminating alternatives will never let you down.

Laminate is also one of the most cost-effective choices. It ranges in price from $ 10 to $ 40 per square meter.

The people looking for a cost-effective option should definitely go for laminate. They offer numerous benefits, but they also have certain disadvantages. One is that it is unable to resist extreme temperatures.

Avoid placing a hot pan directly on a laminated countertop because it may chip or peel off over time. In comparison to other countertop materials, laminate does not require any special cleaning or sealants, but it is readily scratched, burned, and cracked.

6.       Soap Stone

Soapstone is not as famous as that of marble but is compared to marble for its durability. It is dark grey in color and has a smooth, silky texture. It gives an amazing contrast to light cabinets.

Soapstone is commonly present in old homes; many people use it as a countertop and sink material in modern residences.

The architectural soapstone used for worktops is really highly durable and stain-resistant, contrary to popular belief. This will, however, improve the stone’s antique patina, although it will be scratched with time.

Soapstone has a lifespan of three years or more. It is resistant to bacteria, strain, and heat. The scratches and scuffs can be sanded in it. However, it is high in price, and you might need to maintain it with mineral oil.

People planning on installing a new countertop in their kitchen can find dozens of countertops at kitchen countertops in Tacoma, ranging from natural stones, quartz or acrylic sheets, and concrete.

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