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Simple Life Hacks To Give A New Décor Of Your Home

You can always find a lot of inspirational ideas online. Simple life shacks can help offer new fresh looks to the home. The hacks can be performes at any time, or when renovating the home as well.

You can look around flats in Thrissur for the best house painting. House painting can always be considered the right start. You can hire professional house painting services to help offer a fresh new coat of paint on the walls.

To get started with the revamping task, you can continue reading further. The below-mentioned tips are shared by experts.

Focus on a new palette

Some specific colours and shades are timeless. These are the monochrome shades of white, grey, or black. The best thing about painting is that you can also perform this task as a DIY exercise. You just need to organize colours and other painting materials.

Once you have access to all l tools and equipment you need, painting is not difficult to accomplish. You may have to invest around one or two days in completing the task.

Use more lights

Many people try and use dim lights indoors. This type of lighting can certainly make the room appear dull. You can always make use of more bright lights indoors. You can also add more windows so the room receives a lot of natural sunlight.

You can also try and make use of translucent curtains on the windows. If you need to maintain your privacy, then you can also make use of blinds on the windows.

Change pillows

You may have pillows that may not be so comfortable anymore. These are common on your couch and bed. If you plan to revamp complete interiors then you have to focus on the comfort levels as well. If the pillows are too old and damaged, then it is better to change them.

Do not try and use back limp pillows on the bed or the couch. Updating the room is not possible if you are not concerned about the comfort. For the couch or the bed, you can also purchase colourful pillows. Avid selecting oversized pillows as they may occupy more space.

Use greenery indoors

You always have the convenience to add a lot of greenery indoors. You can select green plants that can be used indoors. Colourful pots can be used for decorating the room. You can use different types of pots to place the indoor plants. You can also select some colourful flowers that blend in perfectly with the colour of the walls.

Use rugs on floors

If the walls are fresh and new then you also have to change the looks of the floor. It should look more appealing and attractive. You can place small-sized floor covering or rugs. 

These simple life hacks will help in changing the complete looks of the room. You may not have to invest big money in these hacks. You can also create a statem.0ent wall in one of the corners of the room. All other decorations can blend in perfectly with the statement walls.

Think Like a Stylist

Hop on Pinterest, gather inspiration from your favourite professionally-styled homes, and try replicating the vignettes you love most. Interior stylists spend very little on props and accessories to make homes look stunning for photos. You can take tips from professionals to style your space like an expert while decorating with items you already own.

Reupholster your Headboard

You might be tired of your headboard, or your bedroom lacks texture. Also,  you can reupholster your headboard. You can reupholster it with a fabric that matches your room. You can also use a blanket or throw. And you have to lie around and drape the blanket over your headboard. This technique is great for old accent chairs and worn-out sofas to give older furniture a new look.

Hang or display vintage objects

Are you a collector of vintage china or tennis rackets that you no longer use? These pieces can be displayed around your home or hung to make instant wall art. You don’t need many antiques, or your family doesn’t value heirlooms; you can search for vintage pieces at estate sales, online markets, or on Craigslist, where people in your local area can list their unwanted decor.

Rearrange your bookcase

Although magazines feature meticulously maintained homes, even the most affluent people don’t always maintain their homes perfectly. Stack your bookshelves with decorative items of every type to maximize your use of extras. It is normal for homes to accumulate clutter over time. Let those items become the focal point of your redesign of a bookcase console table.

Make a reading room.

There’s a good chance you already have an accent table, a task lamp, and a lounge chair somewhere in your home. You can gather them all and create a cosy reading corner that you can enjoy at any hour of the day. To complete the look, add pillows and throws. Choose your favourite woven textiles for a space you will never want to leave.

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