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Role of Blockchain in Handling Water Crisis

The water crisis has become a global problem affecting millions of people worldwide. Thus, there is a need to establish a well-planned and maintained water conservation management. Several regions of countries, including India, South Africa and many more, are facing the issue of the water crisis. But only a few steps are taken to alleviate the water crisis. Due to this, there’s tension at both political and economic levels.

About 2.7% of total water is drinkable, which leaves us with fewer gallons of water for household purposes. We should not take the deepening water crisis for granted. Moreover, industries lack a good water infrastructure to make matters even worse. Hence, a global blockchain expert team suggests using blockchain technologies and the Internet of Things to solve this matter. Before getting into the topic, let’s know what blockchain technology is. 

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is a shared and distributed ledger that stores requested transactions in real-time. These transactions are recorded on a peer-to-peer network. Further, the platform consists of computer networks, also known as connecting nodes. 

To facilitate transactions, blockchain uses smart contracts that check the potential of a transaction between two parties. It is a mechanism that creates a new block of transaction data after the verification process. Afterward, these blocks are recorded on the public ledger that contains permanent and unalterable data. Interestingly, with its unique features, blockchain has the potential to transform payments, food supply chain, healthcare industry, water industry, finance and banking industry, etc. 

In addition to it, Blockchain development can confirm transactions without the involvement of a third party. It is possible due to the decentralized ledger known as the blockchain system. Hence, positive impacts of this technology are noticeable in the creation of a real-time movement of digital assets. Hence, the blockchain expert team assures it can revolutionize the water management system. Block-chain technology is one of the innovative trends that can provide a real-time approach to water management. 

Moreover, it is necessary to note every citizen’s problems due to water scarcity. Here is a guide on the problems related to the water crisis. 

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Problems related to the water crisis

Today droughts and famine are hitting the regions at a faster rate. Also, people are facing water-borne diseases due to water pollution. In rural areas, due to poor sanitation, water pollutants negatively impact human health. Moreover, excessive and unbalanced groundwater use adds to the water crisis in many regions. In the agriculture sector, farmers tend to the wastewater by using poor watering techniques to grow crops. Thus, the misuse and overuse of water have escalated the crisis. 

One of the important causes of the water crisis is climate change. According to scientists, our planet’s biodiversity will take 3 to 5 million years to recover from climatic changes. Global warming has altered many seasons. Currently, the monsoon is usually present only for 45 days. So, what implementation of blockchain technology can do to such situations? Let us explore. 

Benefits of Blockchain in water crisis

The public ledger can record the information of the quantity of water and important data that anyone can have access to. As we know that blockchain data is immutable, a new level of information transparency is possible across water management systems. We need data on water quality and quantity in real-time to monitor the proper distribution. 

Block-chain technology can be advantageous in detecting the water abundance and scarcity as per region. Moreover, it can track down the origin of water resources. Having such information in hand, water management authorities can detect the source of contamination quickly and resolve the issue at the right time. 

Furthermore, it will reduce the need for manual administrative tasks across the water management sector. Hence, we can expect a reduction in the price of clean water and give affordable water services to people.

A combined benefit from blockchain and IoT in water crisis

The concept of the Internet of things working hand in hand with blockchain technology can create smart cities with improved water sanitation. How? Here’s the answer.

The sensors in the sanitation network enabled by blockchain technology can generate relevant data based on public health. Smart water management requires an excellent water quality monitoring system, real-time information, water distribution automation, water leakage detection, and an advanced metering system. Further, the blockchain expert professional team needs to ensure that blockchain-based water management is compatible with IoT infrastructure. Thus, this technology combination has the strength to increase water accessibility and proper management worldwide. In general words, block-chain ensures better health of citizens and resilience of cities. 

If you want to know more about it, enroll in the blockchain course to learn the potential of blockchain-based real-world applications.


Closing Thoughts

The water crisis is an ongoing issue that needs a reliable water supply chain and management system. A blockchain-based water management system is a must consideration in such a scenario. However, currently, not many field professionals have the proper knowledge of blockchain technology; that’s why blockchain training has become a need. Also, the demand is pretty high for individuals with blockchain engineer certification. Thus, choosing a career as a blockchain expert is a wise choice right now. 

Check out the BLOCKCHAIN COUNCIL for in-depth practical knowledge and greater insights into blockchain technology’s benefits in the water crisis.

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