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The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the gambling and Montreal online casino industry. The transformation of the gambling industry has brought new betting trends in 2022.

Check out the following article to learn about the latest gambling trends and how they affect online casinos and gambling globally.

Latest Gambling Trends in 2022

Though the pandemic has transformed the betting industry altogether, we have mentioned only a few notable trends that were pretty prominent in 2022.

VR Betting Games

One of the latest additions to the betting space is VR betting games. The pandemic has increased the demand for virtual-based activities and games. The same rule has applied to the gambling industry, as many casinos have launched their virtual casinos online.

Not only the casino owners are transitioning toward this VR initiative, but the players are also showing more interest in VR betting games than offline casinos.

This transition is because VR betting games are more convenient and provide their customers with an international platform. Players can even choose to play in unlicensed casinos, allowing them to win big money without restrictions or deductions. 

Secure Gambling

A few years back, the gambling industry used to be pretty unsafe, as the websites were not sufficiently protected. The servers were also weak, and hackers could easily steal the customer’s private data. These aspects led to the downfall of the online gaming industry.

But in 2022, online gambling has massively improved. The software now uses advanced technology that does not allow hackers and malicious websites to access the platform. As a result, the online betting industry has become more secure and safer than ever before.

Mobile Gambling Apps

Until 2020, online gambling was limited to browsers and websites. But with a rise in the popularity of online betting platforms, many casinos have launched their gambling apps.

These apps provide premium access to gambling games and allow a betting experience as good as the casinos. Moreover, you can also save your progress on these platforms and create an utterly personalized gambling room for yourself.

Use of Crypto Currency

The use of cryptocurrencies has heavily increased over the last year or so. Most online platforms now accept cryptocurrency in place of cash. Like other businesses, the online betting industry has also adopted this trend. Most gambling apps and platforms now regularly accept crypto in their casinos.

The use of cryptocurrency has made these platforms more reliable, as the potential threats of fraudulent payment have immensely decreased with the help of cryptocurrencies.

Betting on Smartwatches

The trend of playing betting games on smartwatches is relatively new, but thanks to its practicality, this concept is getting extremely popular. Since you cannot access specific browsers and apps on a smartwatch, particular gambling apps have been launched for this purpose. 

This feature can prove extremely useful to regular gamblers who don’t want to miss out on any updates.

Determining the rising demand for gambling on smartwatches, some influential brands have also introduced smartwatches with pre-installed gambling apps and dedicated features.


The trends in the gambling industry are ever-changing. From time to time, the online betting platforms transform and bring out advanced concepts in the market. However, the success of these trends depends upon their acceptance and popularity among the public.

One of the most apparent cons of licensed online casinos is tax deductions from your profit. So, why reduce the amount of money you get to take with you when you can take the entire amount without any deductions with unlicensed casinos?

Apart from the little to no bonuses licensed online casinos have to offer, these online casinos also have a limited number of features you would rather find on unlicensed online casinos. Some of these features include new user bonuses, autoplay, in-game bonuses, and various more thrilling features.

Plus, there aren’t many licensed online casinos out there. Because of this, you might have a minimal choice for which online casino you’d rather like to play on. 


On unlicensed online casinos, you will get to enjoy way more bonuses than you would do on licensed online casinos. 

Licensed online casinos are quite strict when it comes to loyalty systems and offering bonuses. Even if you catch bonuses, they might be very limited. Plus, many unlicensed online casinos offer bonuses when depositing money at a casino, which rarely ever exists in licensed online casinos.

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