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Often There Is Numbness and Tingling In The Feet,

So Try This Butterfly Posture, and Learn How To Do It.

Tingling and numbness in the feet can be removed by doing butterfly posture at home, learn how to do it in the article.

There is no doubt about it that yoga asana is useful in removing many problems related to our health. There is no one posture in yoga, but there is a special posture for every problem, which works to remove all our problems. Different yoga asanas provide different benefits to the body.

Some of these yoga asanas are very easy to do, while some have to be done very carefully. Especially when you are doing any asana at home, more attention is needed. One of these is the butterfly posture, knowing the benefits of which you can be a fan of this posture. This yoga asana helps to remove numbness and tingling in your feet. Not only this, but it also works to relax the tired muscles of your legs.

Titli Asana:

Titli Asana also known as Butterfly Pose in the English language, can be easily done at home. And while doing this asana, the posture of your body should be like a butterfly, that is why it is called butterfly posture. Doing this asana incorrectly can also be harmful to the body. And in this article, we are going to tell you how butterfly posture can relieve pain and numbness in your feet.

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It is natural for your body to be tired in this busy and hectic life, but the pain and tingling in the legs do not allow you to sleep peacefully. For all these running, it is very important to have strong leg muscles. If you often have numbness and tingling in your feet, then wake up in the morning and do butterfly posture. By doing this the muscles of your legs will relax and they will become stronger.

Why is there numbness in the feet?

You must have noticed that tingling in the legs starts after sitting for a long time, sitting on the back, bending the legs on the ground for a long time, or sitting in the same position with the legs hanging. This condition is also called numbness in the foot. You must have heard many people saying that ‘the leg is asleep’ or there is tingling in the feet. You must have faced this situation many times but you hardly have a solution for it.

Numbness in the feet can also be due to serious illness:

Some people start shaking when the feet become numb or tingling at times, after which you get rid of this problem. But sometimes this problem can also be a sign of some serious disease. Yoga has cured many diseases. In this episode, butterflies easy can help in giving relief to your feet. By doing this asana, flexibility in the legs increases, the legs are strong and at the same time, one gets rid of other problems.

Benefits of butterfly posture:

  • By doing butterfly posture regularly, the problem of stiffness in the legs ends.
  • Doing this easy daily removes the weakness of the legs.
  • By doing butterfly posture daily, there is no heaviness in the legs.
  • The problem of numbness ends.
  • Varicose veins and heel pain also go away by doing butterfly posture regularly.
  • Pulling the vein of the leg can be cured by this asana.
  • Butterfly posture works to strengthen the thigh muscles and hip bone.
  • Depression, anxiety, and fatigue are also removed.
  • It also provides relief from menstrual pain, cramps, and menopause.
  • The tension or strain in the muscles of the thighs is reduced.
  • The flow of blood in the legs is fine.
  • Provides relief in arthritis and joint pain.

How to do Butterfly Asana:

  • Sit with both legs extended in front.
  • Bend the knees and join the toes of the feet.
  • Place the hands on the knees and lift the knees upwards.
  • After lifting the knees try to join them together.
  • After doing this, bring the knees down and try to touch the ground.
  • Do this 4 to 5 times.
  • When the knees start touching the ground, hold the toes of the feet with your hands and start lowering the knees quickly. Just like a butterfly.
  • While doing this asana, keep the speed of breathing normally.

Take these precautions while doing butterfly posture:

  • If you have knee and back pain, avoid doing this yoga asana.
  • Do not move the legs too vigorously while doing the asana.
  • Do exactly where you have gone.

If there is pain in the lower part of the waist, then doing this asana can prove fatal for you.

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