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Nine Suggestions To Enhance Your IELTS Writing Rating


To achieve your IELTS score, you must give your best effort in each of the test’s four portions. Since applicants frequently describe the writing portion of the exam as the most difficult, we asked one of LiveWebTutors’ international IELTS experts to discuss the best strategies for improving your writing score.

The IELTS writing part is what?

It’s essential to take the time to comprehend all the IELTS writing portions before we provide our advice.

First, the IELTS writing component comes in two flavours: General Training and Academic. To find out which version you require, check with the organisation you are applying to. Whichever style you choose, you must do two writing assignments.

  • Task 1: For IELTS Academic, you will choose, compare, and summarise facts from a graph, table, chart, or diagram. For IELTS General Training, you will write a letter.
  • Task 2: You will be required to write an essay for both exam formats, while the IELTS General Training employs broader themes.

Next, it’s critical to comprehend the evaluation standards. There are four main requirements.

  • Task accomplishment: You addressed and explained the task’s primary elements well.
  • Cohesion and coherence: This refers to how well you have organised and connected your thoughts as well as how you have employed connecting words and cohesive techniques (such as “in addition,” “for instance,” “furthermore,” “however,” and “moreover”).
  • Lexical resource: How accurate and extensive is your vocabulary? Also, have you utilised any less common words? (E.g. idiomatic phrases or professional jargon).
  • Grammatical range and accuracy – the variety and precision of the grammatical structures you’ve utilised, including modal expressions, conditional sentences, who/which/that clauses, and inversion.

Best practises for raising your writing score

Now that you know the writing portion let’s move on to our best advice for performing well on test day.

  1. Manage your time well

It will take you 60 minutes to finish the entire sector. We advise spending no more than 20 minutes on job one and 40 minutes on task two because task two is more important to your score. Give yourself enough time to plan and edit your work. Setting 60-minute time restrictions when taking practice exams is a smart habit.

  1. Verify the word count

You must write no less than 150 words for assignment one, and for job two, no less than 250 words. Any less will result in a grade reduction.

  1. Recognize the assignment

Always read the directions thoroughly and highlight or underline the relevant terms. Be aware of the facts you must provide and the questions you must answer.

  1. Logically arrange your ideas

Spend up to five minutes brainstorming ideas and deciding which details to add. Include linking words and cohesive techniques between paragraphs, sentences, and phrases, and arrange your ideas rationally.

  1. Recognize your strategy

Every task demands a different strategy.

Task 1 (Academic): Identify the key trends and features; in the introduction, rewrite the information from the task using synonyms and grammar transformation; arrange your main paragraphs logically; only describe the data that is pertinent to the question; and, in conclusion, summarise the key trends from your body paragraphs.

Task 1 (General Training) requires you to analyse the issue, brainstorm ideas using bullet points, structure your paragraphs, so they address your thoughts in the bullet points, and then compose your letter.

Include an introduction, at least two body paragraphs, and a conclusion in Task 2. Rephrase the question in the introduction and develop a thesis statement based on your opinion. Write topic sentences outlining your main ideas, one topic sentence per idea, and use one topic sentence to start each body paragraph. Use explanations and examples to support the topic sentence in the remaining paragraphs. Finally, restate your ideas in conclusion.

  1. Consider the style

The right style (formal, semi-formal, or casual) is required for each work type, influencing the grammatical structures and lexical resources you choose to use.

  1. Verify your efforts!

Always do a thorough inspection once you’ve completed each activity. The following queries are helpful.

  • Did you proofread for spelling and grammar?
  • Did you complete the job in its entirety?
  • Were the paragraphs in the information well organised?
  • Did you construct an introduction for each paragraph?
  • Did you include a summary of the main points in your conclusion?
  • Did you modify the introduction’s wording of the task?
  • Did you employ discourse markers and connecting words?
  • Did you look for recurrences?
  • Did you employ any complex sentences?
  1. Improve your vocabulary and grammatical resources.

Spend time reading materials before the test to learn new vocabulary in various situations, such as advertisements, articles, manuals, magazines, reports, and sample test questions. Practice forming sentences with new words and complex sentence patterns. Refine the grammatical constructions appropriate for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages levels C1 and C2.

  1. Take note of your errors.

Create a learning notebook to keep track of the errors you make when writing. Correct these errors and learn from them by working with friends or co-workers who are also studying for the IELTS. You may do this by utilising your vulnerabilities to your advantage.

Now that you’re prepared, you can improve your IELTS writing score. You are wishing you success with your study efforts and on exam day! Additionally, LiveWebTutors Marketing Assignment Help experts are available 24/7 if you need assistance with anything else.

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