New Tax Regime Giving Nightmares to Crypto Traders

The budget session of the Indian government for this year was full of exciting announcements. And one of those exciting ones is related to the trending activity of finance & investment known as Cryptocurrency trading. 


After so many rumors, catcoin bitcoin discussions, speculations, and taxation policies have been launched for the circulation of these digital assets. and the government has clarified many facts. 


More than 20 Millions crypto investors are actively trading on crypto exchanges. By considering the trend and huge volume & liquidity the government has launched a separate plan of taxation for this explosive industry.

The Effect Of Crypto Taxation And Tds News On Investors

One of the biggest announcements is about the crypto investment that is your crypto-financial earnings will go under the radar of 30% taxation. Secondly, traders will also be taxed. If investors got the profit on virtual assets(such as racing, gambling activities, lottery practices, and others). If you have ever accepted the gift cards worth Rs. 50,000 that will be taxable at a similar slab rate.


Furthermore, a 1% rate of harsh TDS will applied to every trading transaction. If the transaction amount is greater than 50000 within a financial year. All the new norms will come into effect from 01 July 2022. 


This TDS is badly impacting the liquidity of the trade market. Subsequently, crypto investors, companies, firms, and exchange platforms are not well satisfied with the new taxation norms. It will damage the functionalities and reputation of crypto activities. People will not as actively make any transactions for the fear of losses and heavy taxation on profits and virtual assets.


Crypto companies that are activating their services in India may shift to further locations. Also, increase their charges or change from free to a paid subscription for future virtual trading of assets.


Whatever the government has planned to manage the accuracy of crypto transactions. It will not be favorable for most of the events. Traders can hardly manage the offset situations encountered by trading losses.


In the 1st and second week of May, the crypto market has not created satisfied capital value and given a huge shock to investors. All the stable coins and crypto native coins have gone through the biggest breakdown. In this case, if anyone has collected the profit and loss from 2 out of 4 options still the traders will be at a huge loss. 


As they need to pay the 30% tax on their profits as well as they have to put additional efforts to balance the losses of 2 additional investments. It will take a huge time to cover up this gap. With such taxation norms and TDS deduction, things will get harder.


Alternatively, traders have explored the additional way to turn off the losses and acquire the profits. They have a sort of framework, to cater to all their losses by clearing off all the positions. As per the investors, TDS on crypto-assets is not a fair decision as traders will spend more time to take the action on trends and data charts. Meanwhile, they could miss the profitable opportunities when the prices are favorable.


Indirectly, the government is thinking to manage the virtual asset investment inappropriate manner and no one can use the assets illegally. They want to manage every trading activity reasonably. For instance, people pay for traditional trading. Accordingly, subsequently, rules will be applied to virtual assets and crypto-assets. In addition to this, 


In short, all these trading activities will slow down the process of crypto trading. High-skilled investors and developers will also find it hard to manage the trading activities and will propose new trading taxation norms. Maybe the government will think again on this matter.


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