Motor City Casino and Hotel with luxurious amenities

The motor city casino and hotel

Is a three-star luxury hotel with luxurious amenities. The rooms feature free Wi-Fi, iPod docks, marble bathrooms, high-thread-count sheets, and desks. The car-themed casino has nearly 3,000 slots and 59 gaming tables. Besides a 24-hour fitness center and spa, the hotel offers a free parking garage, which is perfect for those who don’t want to spend their whole day at the casino.

The MotorCity Casino and Entertainment Center

is located in Detroit, Michigan. The name of the casino reflects its automotive heritage. The casino was designed, with the city’s famous vintage cars in mind. Designers for NORR worked with renowned cars. Manufacturers to create the logo. The result is a modern, yet retro look.

The MotorCity Casino and Entertainment Center is located in Detroit, Michigan.

The MotorCity Casino and Entertainment Center is located, in Detroit Michigan. Its name pays, an homage to the city’s automotive history. The casino’s design was inspired by classic American cars. And the company worked with, A famous car designer to create a unique, and eye-catching logo. The iconic logo is reminiscent, of a 1950s Cadillac. 

The MotorCity Casino

Entertainment Center is a Michigan resort. that offers resort services and a variety, of dining options. Founded in 1999, the casino features a retro-futuristic design. That celebrates the region’s rich automotive history. The casino has two restaurants, a spa, and an entertainment theatre. For reservations contact the hotel by phone online, or through the following form. Once you have booked your room, be sure to visit the Casino’s website.

Detroit features over 2700 slot machines and 59 table games.

If you’re interested in playing casino games, you can visit the MotorCity Casino Hotel try this web-site . It is located in Detroit and features. Over 2700 slot machines and 59 table games. A few of the popular clubs, and restaurants, In the area, are the Grand River Deli & Burgers and Iridescence.

Entertainment Center is located in Detroit

The MotorCity Casino and Entertainment Center is located in Detroit, Michigan, and features a retro-futuristic design. For more information, about the casino and its events, contact the hotel’s front desk. There is a variety of ways to contact. The MotorCity Casino and Entertainment Center. Check the website for the latest information.

The MotorCity Casino and Entertainment Center offers game

The MotorCity Casino and Entertainment Center offers to the game. and entertainment in Detroit, Michigan. A renowned car designer collaborated with the design team. of the hotel to create the landmark. The iconic car stands at the entrance.  The casino is a tribute to the iconic, automobiles of the MotorCity Casino, & Entertainment Center is a landmark, in the city of Detroit Michigan. Its design honors the city’s automotive history.  It is open seven days a week, with no restrictions. The hotel has a 12-table smoke-free Poker Room. The sportsbook is a great way, to spend your evening watching a game of blackjack or poker.


The MotorCity & Entertainment Center provides various services. for residents in the city of Detroit.  The Sportsbook is open from 9 am to midnight seven days a week. and offers an extensive selection of sporting events.

Founded in 1915, the MotorCity Hotel. Is one of the oldest and most successful casinos in the Detroit area. Its lobby has two restaurants and a spa. The restaurant is located inside the casino. The casino is a popular destination for visitors and residents. It offers great entertainment and is open 24 hours.

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