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Is Pikashow APK A Safe App For Entertainment?

Pikashow APK Review

Pikashow APK is an app that is developed by a third-party developer for entertainment purposes. As the app is developed by a third-party developer that’s why many people think about that this app is safe to use or not.

The app is totally free to download and use and you can say that it is an alternative of Netflix. The downloads and audience of Pikashow APK is huge. In the entertainment world you can use this app free of cost.

If you want to watch all the latest movies and shows then check this Pikashow APK. Get your all favorite channels and shows at doorstep.

The app is up to date and good one to watch all latest matches and games.

Some Features of Pikashow App

Download Favorite Videos

Pikashow APK has a unique download feature for it’s users from all over world. You can watch any video as well as download any video that is favorite of you and you want to download. This feature is just in this app other normal streaming apps don’t provide this download option. The Picashow APK is only for you if you’re a sports or movies lover. This is an amazing app and enjoy the latest favorite features.

Versatile Streaming App

As earlier I have mentioned that you can watch and download all your favorite movies content through this app. Pikashow Apk covers all the latest English and Francis News, Sports including football, cricket matches including, IPL and PSL matches. You can also watch Cricket World Cup and FIFA World Cup 2022 matches on this app without any delay. At the end, I would say that this app is an ocean of entertainment world.

Unlimited Channels

The app contains more than 700 in the latest 2022-23 version of Picasso TV APK. It means you don’t need to search any app for news and sports channels all are available in this entertainment app. This is the only free app that has how huge database and unlimited channels get your app without thinking. You can get unlimited channels and show with another same app RTS Live Tv which also works on same pattern.

Watch Latest Movies

The app contains huge list of movies all over the world. In this app you’re able to watch any movie either from Bollywood or Hollywood or any country, you’ll get at your fingertip. This is not normal app but it is a platform that is made for you and will provide you anything you want. Watch your favorite all movies and all channels and make your favorite playlist on this app.

Pause and Resume Streaming

It is another amazing feature of this app because you can pause any content that you want at any time, you want. Often we get busy sometimes; then can use this option. It means that you can resume or pause any movie or channel or show, show or channel in this app. I think it is the best feature to save time in this app.

Available Everywhere

The app is available in different countries like some Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and some other countries US and Italy. You can use this app in any country you’re living. To run this streaming app you just need a stable and fast internet connection, it does not matter where are you living. The app is available in every corner of the world just like Netflix.

Different Genres and Variety

The Pikashow 2022 Version new has different varieties of movies and shows collection and playlist. When you download this app you get all verities of latest shows and movies, you can get all you want with a single click on this platform or app.

Smooth Interface

This app has a smooth interface and simple. When you download Pikashow TV APK you don’t face any complexities in this app because the app has smooth and clear interface.

Organized Content

This streaming app has its content that is in an organized form. Everything item present in this entertainment app is well categorized. For example, if a user wants to watch a sports cricket match it has its sports category. The app is very well organized with its content and you would not face any problems while using this Movie App.


The app is compatible with different all operating systems like Android, iOS like iPhone, Mac, and Windows. So, after downloading this movie app you would not face any problems. You can download this app on any device that is compatible with you.

Final Words

I think this app is safe to use because it has huge download numbers with a 4.5-star rating. I think this app is a perfect one and one should not worry about this app. If you’re interested then now download and enjoy Thanks

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