Improve Your Productivity with the Joomla Task Scheduler


Hello Joomla supporters! It’s time to guide you through one of Joomla’s new features that will increase your convenience. As you know, the most recent version of Joomla includes Task Scheduler and several other capabilities.

Before, Joomla didn’t have a croon scheduler included. The good news is that Joomla can still help you even if your website provider forbids croon tasks! If you’re like many people, you’re always looking for ways to improve your productivity. One easy way is to use the Joomla Task Scheduler.

The Joomla Assignment Help  Task Scheduler allows you to schedule tasks and events for different dates and times, which will make your life a lot easier. You can even set up alerts so that you’ll be notified when the task is completed. This will help you stay organized and on track.

This new update will help you avoid monotonous jobs that you would

n’s want to return to and repeat repeatedly. The task scheduler may handle any request, including processing email queues in newsletter systems, synchronizing e-commerce orders with a delivery platform, or clearing cache.

In this post, we’ll look at how to evaluate and set up a few of the built-in Task Schedulers of Joomla 4.1.

A Simplified Description of Each Default Task

The website owner may create web-based croon tasks using Task Scheduler from a workspace they are already familiar with and at ease in. So let’s investigate the default task schedulers included with Joomla Assignment Help 4.1 in more detail.

Only a few of the nine default or pre-installed jobs are helpful, while others are just for demonstration. Here is a brief description of each of the standard tasks:

  • Image Size Check: After a certain amount of time, it resizes photos from the directory you provide.
  • Demo Task – Sleep: Remain still for a predetermined amount of time.
  • Stress Memory: Choose task behavior when the PHP memory limit is reached.
  • Stress Memory, Override Limit: Select a task to do when the system memory limit is reached.
  • Presumable Task: This is helpful anytime you have lengthy jobs to prevent exceeding your server’s memory or timeout limits.

Make a specific timeout for getting Requests to a service

  • Toggle Offline: On each run, change the site’s online and offline status.
  • Set Site Offline: Designate an end date and time for your site’s offline state.
  • Set Site Online: Set your site’s status to online after a certain period.

Location of Task Scheduler

Navigate to your Joomla dashboard’s System > Manage > Scheduled Tasks section.

Choose and Create a Task

Click Add a Task after you’ve reached the Scheduled Tasks section. Following the activity you wish to complete, this ought to present all the pre-installed tasks from which you can select.

If you already installed any appropriate extensions, they should also appear here. Since we don’t have any previously installed extensions in our situation, we are left with the standard chores.

Choose and develop your Task

From the activities that are shown, choose the Image Size Check assignment. You should be sent to a form where you can enter your preferences.

Configure the fields to your preferences:

  • Task Name: Test
  • Interval, Minutes as the Execution Rules
  • Minute Interval: 5
  • Database: sample data
  • Measurement: Width
  • Max. (px): 100
  • One image maximum

Press Save & Close. Well done!

To spot the changes, look through the directory

We immediately go to the sample data folder to examine the modifications after setting the directory to the Joomla example pictures that are already there.

Navigate to Content > Media > Sample data > Cassiopeia from your dashboard.

In this manner, you may avoid manually resizing the photographs because the job will repeat itself every 5 minutes (the duration you selected while establishing the Task).

Similarly, you may arrange other duties based on your needs, such as making your website online or offline after a given period.


To stay current with new capabilities and abilities, Joomla is constantly growing and improving. With this new option, you may plan a job to suit your preferences and have greater control over when you choose to perform a particular activity. With our Joomla Assignment Help services, you can always count on getting assistance from writers who will accomplish all of the projects swiftly and effectively. We’ll make sure you understand all of the related issues in addition to offering you the most excellent assignment writing services. Therefore, you may contact our online assignment help in Australia if you need assistance with any of the duties above.

We sincerely hope that this lesson was helpful to you and provided some insight into this newest Joomla component! Don’t forget to let us know in the comments area if you have any further pertinent queries. Best of luck!

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