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How to Unclog Bathroom Plumbing?

Unclog Bathroom Pipes!

Clogged plumbing is very uncomfortable, especially when it comes to the bathroom. However, knowing how to unclog bathroom plumbing is very effective if this inconvenient situation should arise.

To unclog bathroom plumbing there are many ways that are effective and solve the problem. In this way, it is important to understand why these situations happen, to know the cause, because in this way the applied solution will be more efficient. For this, read this article to the end, and inform yourself with the information treated.

Why is the plumbing clogged?

There are several factors that cause bathroom plumbing to clog, and knowing what these are can help solve the problem, even more, it can collaborate so that there is prevention and this does not happen. The main causes of this blockage in the bathroom plumbing are:

Discard toilet paper in the toilet.

This action can cause a blockage in the bathroom plumbing, consequently clogging it. This is due to the water not being able to meet the paper, which in turn is fixed to the walls of the pipe and obstructs the plumbing, making it difficult for water and other waste to pass through. Click here for Commercial Cleaning Company

Throw strands of hair into the toilet, sink or shower drain.

Doing this can cause a clog. That’s because, the hair forms a kind of web between the plumbing, not letting water and other waste flow properly.

Large circulation of people in the bathroom.

When the bathroom has a lot of movement, a clog can happen. This is due to the greater amount of waste and little water for disposal. However, this episode, most of the time, is temporary and has an easy solution. However, if it is given a lot of work to solve, the most convenient thing is to contact a plumber to know the cost.

Throwing personal hygiene items (swabs, pads, dental floss) down the toilet or sink can also cause clogged plumbing. In this sense, the absorbent is made of plastic and cotton, making it a heavy mass and difficult to discard.

In addition, dental floss, when it accumulates in the plumbing, whether in the sink or toilet, forms a type of network, which makes it difficult and prevents waste and water from flowing correctly, causing a clog in the plumbing.

How to unclog bathroom plumbing?

Knowing and understanding how to unclog bathroom plumbing is something very necessary, as there will be situations in which you can have a certain independence of the subject. Check out some of the ways they can be used:

  • Using a plunger can already be the solution when a clog is in the plumbing of the toilet.
    Pour hot water. This solution can be done both in the toilet and in the washbasin. It will help to melt the clog, thus eliminating the problem. To get a result, you have to wait a while.
  • Another way that can be effective is to cover the toilet seat so that there is no air leak during flushing. For this, you need to use a plastic bag, sheets of paper or newspaper, and tape. After everything is in hand, the seat must be covered, checking that it does not have an air outlet. Afterward, several downloads are required.
  • However, pressure will be obtained that will help to clear the obstruction, unclogging the plumbing.
    Use salt and hot water. This solution can be used both in the toilet and in other bathroom plumbing. For this, it is necessary to put a cup of salt in two liters of hot water. First, pour the salt and then pour all the water in one go.
  • If none of the above options work, you can use caustic soda. You have to be very careful to use it. If using a cup of soda for a liter and a half of hot water, pour the soda first then all the water, and wait for the action.


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