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How To Build A Deck In 7 Steps?

To build a deck, you’ll first have to gather the necessary supplies and clear the area where the deck will go. Then, you’ll have to dig up the dirt and reinforce the structure with concrete footings. After that, you’ll be ready to start building the deck itself in eight simple steps! If you want to skip right to the construction tips, jump ahead to step five. Otherwise, let’s start at step one!

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Build a Deck in Seven Steps

1) Planning

  1. Plan out the size and shape of your deck. The first step is to sketch out the dimensions for your deck, and decide on whether you want it rectangular or L-shaped. Consider how much space you will need for other outdoor furniture, too.
  2.  Choose the material for your decking boards. Decide whether you would prefer wood decking, plastic composite decking, or wood composite (made from a mix of wood fiber particles and recycled plastic).


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2) Preparation

1) Check for zoning restrictions before you get started.

2) Determine the size and shape of your deck.

3) Get the supplies you will need for your project.

4) Prepare the area by clearing away all debris and filling any low areas with compacted gravel or sand.

5) Install any footings if necessary and mark out where they go with stakes and string lines.

3) Laying the foundation

  1. Lay out the deck. Measure the size of your deck before purchasing materials and make sure you get enough material for your project. With composite decking, you can purchase boards that are only 1′ long and then cut them down to size. With wood decking, you’ll need lumber yard or home improvement store will have standard lengths which makes it easier if you want to do it yourself.

Building the frame

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4) Building the frame

It’s important to build your deck frame first because it will help you visualize the size and shape of the finished project. For example, if you choose a rectangular shaped deck, the joists should be spaced evenly on 16-inch centers. If you are building a curved deck, the joists will need to be spaced based on how far apart they need to be for each curve. The top horizontal member at the end of a wood decking is called a fascia. A fascia provides decoration at the ends of the boards and covers any gaps between board ends that might result from mistakes during construction. Some composite decking is constructed with komposittrall or cedar wood, but most manufacturers use polypropylene plastic as its main material.

5) Installing the decking

1) Install the decking boards on top of the joists. Be sure to use composite decking, plastic decking, or wood decking depending on what you have chosen. Use screws and nails to secure them in place. 2) Cut pieces of fascia out of your choice of composite decking, plastic decking, or wood decking and nail them over the end of each board. 3) Measure the width and length of your footing and cut boards out to fit with any sharp edges pointed down.

6) Finishing touches

It’s easy to make your new deck look like it’s been around for years. You’ll be able to protect it from the sun, rain, and other elements by adding komposittrall problem or plastic decking. Wood decking is also an option but you will need to keep up with wood stains or sealants.


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7) Maintenance

Wood decking needs regular maintenance, such as power washing and staining. Composite decking can be made to last for decades if it is treated properly. Plastic decking is the easiest type of deck board to maintain because it does not require any special care.

1) Put down a layer of sand or gravel on the ground before building the footings.

2) Dig down about 18 inches for concrete footings which should be at least two feet wide on all sides.

3) Drive poles into the ground and use them to hold up a level line with string so that you know where the joists will go.

4) Cut joists from 2 x 6 boards so that they are long enough for your deck plus 12 inches past each end.

5) Lay out the joists parallel on top of the footing so that they are spaced 24 inches apart, using a straight piece of lumber like a yardstick to make sure they are aligned evenly side by side.

6) Attach every other joist together using 16d nails spaced no more than 12 inches apart.


Building your own deck is a rewarding project and is not as difficult as you might think. The most important part of the process is to plan out your deck before you get started. Knowing how many boards are needed, what type of wood or composite decking you want, and how much concrete you need will help ensure that all of your materials will be ready when it’s time to start building.

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