How To Afreight Tracking System Works ?

Afreight Tracking aims to reach all destinations as quickly as possible with a vision to “Provides Satisfaction”. With the addition of Super Highways, Afreight Tracking is already feeling the need to further increase the existing number of SWAYAM Offices to more than 10 across the State.

Customer pleasure is the happiness that Afreight Tracking  cherish. An aggressive customer with a thought provoking attitude helps Afreight Tracking achieve the common goal i.e. glory of success.

How to Track Afreight Couwhenrier

You can easily find out your design within a minute. Afreight Tracking issues you a document with the names Consignment, Bilty, Lorry Receipt or Good Receipt, Tracking Number, Docket No. or known by shipment no. when you book your shipment. Using the office website of Afreight Courier, you can perform Afreight Tracking. You can learn more about the status of your delivery by clicking on the links provided below.

Afreight Tracking

  • Click on the above link.
  • The popup window of the afreight Courier Tracking website will open.
  • Enter your Consignment/AWB/Tracking/Built/Docket No.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • You will learn the status of your consignment’s delivery.

Find out on Afreight Tracking Customer Care Number

You can also find out by calling Afreight Tracking Service customer care contact number. To do this, dial the number below, and when the customer service courier asks for your billy or consignment number, you must provide it; only then can the status of your shipment be known. Please contact the following number with any questions regarding shipments:

Number:(02) 8820-8181

(8:00 AM to 10:00 PM)

Afreight Tracking Email: You can also check the status.

About Afreight Tracking Service Pvt Ltd

The company is a leading courier service in Central Singapore, Dubai, and Hongkong.The head office of Afreight  Courier is located in Singapore.
Afreight Tracking is the name that you can always rely on because the company for company customers comes before the company. The company believes that good service starts with good thinking. This is the reason why now the company is fast moving towards being one of the leading courier services in Singapore.

Established on 10/10/1989, today the company is completing its 30 years. Today Afreight Tracking Courier is serving in maximum cities of major developing states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bengal, Bihar, Assam, and Orissa. Provides within 48 hours to 72 hours delivery service in major cities of Singapore.

Wide network

The company is making its mark as Afreight providing services for the last 30 years with a very strong network in Singapore as well as having a very good dedicated team for the delivery of a valuable shipment of customers in Chhattisgarh.
Afreight Tracking Courier has a wide network in Singapore along with an online tracking system.
The company provides an integrated express service network for fast, safe, assured transportation, and delivery of customer consignments, documents, parcels, and commercial goods. The company provides fast and reliable assured door-to-door express service for documents, packages, and non-commercial consignments.

Courier services

  • fast track
  • Get the courier delivered the very next day anywhere in India Metro City.
  • Contract Booking
  • Bulk courier with free daily pickup and monthly billing.
  • proof of delivery
  • affordable shipping
  • Immediate delivery is available online.
  • Cash-on-delivery (COD)

Some Useful Tips for Packaging International Shipments

No consignment can be delivered to the destination in a sealed condition. Because it is opened and checked at various checkpoints. Therefore the packaging must be strong enough to sustain the pressure in transit. Under no circumstances are any company responsible for any loss/breakdown of the goods.

You can’t book

  • Firearms, parts, and ammunition
  • All dangerous goods as defined by IATA
  • corpses, cremated or unwashed remains
  • Foods/pears (food and beverages that require refrigeration or other environmental controls)
  • Gambling Equipment: Lottery tickets and gambling equipment were prohibited by national, provincial, state, or local law.
  • Live animals and plants (note: cut flowers are acceptable in Canada)
  • Money (coins, cash currency, paper money, and negotiable instruments)

Other VALUE Added Facility

  • Billing facility.
  • Check on the Delivery facility (COD) facility.
  • Online proof (POD) facility.
  • customer care facility

Cautions to be noted while booking

  • You have to write the details of what you are sending (letter, book) before the address.
  • Recipient’s name.
  • Enter the house number and name, if yes.
  • Enter flat or apartment number, floor number, and block number, if any.
  • The name of a street or street or the name of a place or locality.
  • Name of the province, state, department, etc.
  • Delivery area number or postal code number, if any
  • The name of the country to which you want to send the parcel.
  • Do not cover or overwrite the Consignor/Recipient information when making a booking.
  • Use only rigid compartments in good condition when booking.
  • Do not exceed the weight specification of the packaging box(s) used.
  • Please mention the address of the consignor/consignee in the label on the box at the time of booking
  • Please use appropriate size boxes as per the weight of the consignment.
  • Do not tape or wrap the Courier label.

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