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How Do I Start Programming In Python?


Python is a cross-platform programming language, enabling it to function on various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and virtual machines for Java and.NET. It is open-source and free. Python may not be the most recent version even though it is preinstalled on most Linux and Mac computers nowadays. So it’s always a good idea to install the most recent version.

The Most Simple Way to Use Python

Using Thonny IDE to execute Python is the most straightforward method.

The most recent version of Python is preinstalled in the Thonny IDE. Therefore, installing Python separately is not necessary.

To install and execute Python on your computer, follow these steps.

  • Install Thonny IDE 
  • Launch the installer to set up Thonny on your PC.
  • Select New from File. Once saved, give the file extension.,, etc., as examples.

The file can have any name you like. Nevertheless, the filename should finish

  • You should add Python code to the file and then save it.
  • Utilizing the Thonny IDE to run Python
  • Next, select Run > Run Current Script or press F5 to launch it.

Install Python on its own

Here is a guide on installing and running Python on your PC if you don’t want to use Thonny.

  • Get Python’s most recent version.
  • Open the installation file and install Python by following the instructions.

Check the installation procedure. To environment variables, add Python. Python will then be added to the environment variables, allowing for execution from any location on the machine.

You may also pick the location of Python’s installation.

Python installation on a PC

Python can be used once the installation procedure is complete.

  • Start Python in immediate mode 

After installing Python, you may launch the interpreter in immediate mode by entering Python in the command line. By pressing the Enter key, python code may be entered immediately to obtain the output.

Try entering 1+1 and then pressing Enter. The result is 2, thus. You may use this prompt as a calculator. Type quit () and hit enter to exit this mode.

  • Use the Integrated Development Environment to run Python (IDE)

To create a Python script file, we may use any text editor.

Just add extension while saving it. However, utilizing an IDE may significantly simplify our lives. The IDE is a piece of software that offers helpful tools to the programmer for application development, such as code hinting, syntax highlighting and checking, file explorers, etc.

By the way, an IDE called IDLE is also installed when Python is installed. On your PC, you may utilize it to execute Python. It’s a good IDE for new users.

  • An interactive Python Shell is launched when IDLE is opened.
  • A new file may now be created and saved with extension. For illustration,
  • Create a file, add Python code, and save it. Go running> Run Module or press F5 to launch the file.

Your first Python Program

We can create our first Python application now that Python is operational.

Create software named Hello World that is quite basic. A “Hello, World!” a simple instrument that shows the welcome on the screen is software. It’s frequently used to introduce a new programming language to novices because it’s an elementary program.

Save the following code as hello in any text editor or IDE.

Run the file next. The output will be as follows.

Hello, universe!

Congratulations! You recently created your first Python application

You can see that it was a relatively simple operation. This is what makes the Python programming language so beautiful.

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