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How Can I Reuse Scrap Composite Decking?

You’re pleased with your new deck, but what should you do with the leftover materials? There’s no need to throw away perfectly nice bygghandel. Here are some fast and simple construction projects you can do with your scrap deck boards.

Why use composite decking to create a deck?

If you want to create a long-lasting deck, komposittrall is the way to go. While the initial cost is higher, it will require less maintenance and will last at least 25 years or longer.

Other Project Ideas

composite decking

Apart from what we’ve already said, you may use leftover composite decking for other tasks. Although not as prevalent as the ones we’ve already discussed, these extra project ideas might help your complex look more appealing. Among them are:

Create a trash bin enclosure

We’re great at hiding our garbage from strangers, but we can’t seem to hide the trash cans. Making a trash bin enclosure, on the other hand, is the closest you can go to hiding your rubbish, and it only takes a few hours of labor. Gather several components that you’re positive will fit together and take accurate dimensions of how you want the garbage bin enclosure to look. Composite decking is strong and long-lasting, making it ideal for weather resistance. If it gets dirty, it’s also quite simple to clean. Because composite decking is smooth and attractive, it enhances the visual appeal of your property while concealing garbage cans.

Make a beautiful side yard path

Make a beautiful side yard path

We put a lot of work into beautifying our yard in order to make our visions come to reality. That is why, in order to stand out, many people choose various ornamental styles. The easiest technique to keep your yardsticks out is to use leftover composite decking to decorate the side yard path. Begin by connecting multiple pieces together, then cutting them into the desired form. Some people have been known to make footprints or butterflies out of them. Your imagination is the only limit.

Make your own tree swing

Remember how the tree swing kept you occupied as a kid? Now you have the opportunity to share the same joy with your children. The tree on your property may be utilized for more than just providing shade. To put everything together, all you need is a rope, a few pieces of composite decking, and a few additional tools. Given that you’ll only be giving up a few hours of your time, the thrill and delight you’ll provide to your children will be priceless.

Why not reuse scrap composite decking while making outdoor composite furniture?

Composite decking does not decay like pressure-treated wood, and pests appear to dislike it. Not to mention that Trex or composite decking comes in a number of colors and does not require staining.


However, depending on how many leftovers you have, you may make a backyard seat, a kids’ playhouse, a pet home, a privacy screen, a birdhouse, planter box, decking stairs, garbage bin enclosure, side yard walkway, or a DIY tree swing out of it.

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