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How Can I Make My Old Security System Smarter?

Is there a burglar alarm that looks like it came from the era of corded phones or those iconic red phones and large television boxes that used to take up half the space in our living rooms? Then you’ve come to the right place! Like any other consumer product, the burglar alarm market has evolved substantially over the last 15 years. Since 2010, the traditional wired alarm has lost more than 98% of its market share. Often these surveillance system manufacturers have either discontinued or discontinued support for their legacy wired systems. Intruder alarm suppliers UK search on google and find out best services.

We all want the most recent version of whatever we’re talking about, whether it’s a car, a house, clothes, or electronics. And, if it isn’t the newest and greatest, it must be better than the competition! The majority of homeowners have similar feelings about their home security systems. This includes not only the most recent model or version but cutting-edge technology in a sleek, scalable package.

Ways To Improve Your Current Home Security Systems

If you have an outdated security system and you are not satisfied then do not worry, because if your home security system works and does its job properly, it’s difficult to justify purchasing a new system, right? If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. We understand. Fortunately for you, you can upgrade your current home security system with the consultation of intruder alarm suppliers in the UK. Here are some security system upgrades that could be just what you need!

Remove Old Panel Board

Several more safety structures can be expanded without completely substituting the nuts and bolts.  Simply replacing your control panel board with a newer model will greatly improve your system’s capabilities. A few older structures, for example, are not controllable via smartphone. By upgrading the panel, you will be able to manage your home from a remote location at any time and from any location. The fact that old gadgets still work with new, upgraded boards is perhaps the most appealing aspect of enhancing safety control panels. Don’t be concerned about your old devices from more than 18 years ago not working with the updated system; chances are they will!

Change To Wireless Monitoring

If your wired alarm system is more than ten years old, you should consider upgrading to a new wireless alarm. When we replace old alarms for our customers, we even assist them in getting rid of their old systems. A wireless alarm system is not only easy to use, but it also includes a slew of features that make it a one-stop security solution for any home.

In every way imaginable, it outperforms a traditional wired alarm system, which is dependent on wires and cables. The vast majority of people choose to upgrade older systems by switching to wireless monitoring. Wireless monitoring is possible for nearly all systems, including very old ones. Alarm systems were traditionally linked to telephone lines, and when the alarm was tripped, the signal was sent over the phone line. Safety systems (even older ones) can now be monitored using cell towers rather than phone lines, thanks to recent technological advancements. By sending signals in this manner, burglars are less likely to cut phone lines before breaking. The wireless home monitoring upgrade brings an old system into the twenty-first century by enhancing the new tech and trying to make the system even safer than before. 

Set Up A New Keypad

A new keypad may be all that is required to update your existing home security system. These are the days when the only alternative was glitchy tactile tabs with a few buttons. Modern touchscreen keypads with weather forecasts, time, date, and other display features are now available from security companies.

Smart House Alarm Systems

A smart alarm is a more sophisticated burglar alarm that includes advanced features such as remote access control and monitoring. To interact with your alarm control panel, you can either connect the alarm panel to your broadband or install a dedicated GSM or LTE sim card unit inside the alarm system.

The following are the primary characteristics of smart alarms:

  • The smartphone app lets you arm and disarms the system from anywhere in the world. Ideal for allowing kids, neighbors, parents, or cleaners to enter the house while you are away without fear of setting off the alarm.
  • Receive instant notifications on alarm activation and other alarm-related activities through the app or via email.
  • Install camera sensors or video cameras to keep an eye on the house or your pets while you are away.
  • Sim card connection options will incur ongoing costs due to sim top-up charges.
  • Some cloud connections require a monthly subscription fee. In any case, you’d want a well-maintained, secure connection with advanced encryption. Look for the ‘Secured by Design certification.

Final Words

The key message from inspecting your old burglar alarm is to be aware of the effects of each of these options you have, upgrading your old system, or starting over with a new system in your home.

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