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The government distributes this affordable housing units government distributes these affordable housing units provincial administration of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have started several residential programmes in keeping with the federal government’s aim to give affordable dwelling units to poor sections of society. The government will introduce two new housing developments in Peshawar and Mardan over the next two months in order to forward the government’s residential project programme in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The provincial administration has been actively keeping track of whether deadlines have met, and this blog provides detailed progress reports on several current projects across the province.

Residential Projects By The Government In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The government is subsidising the cost of new, affordable housing units.

One of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s numerous plans to transform Pakistan into a welfare state includes offering affordable accommodation to those with modest incomes. They resolved it to start two new housing projects in Peshawar and Mardan at the meeting, which was presided over by Chief Minister Mahmood Khan.

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Tokra-III Ring Road and high-rise apartments in Mardan are the two housing projects that will is launched in Peshawar. The CM issued specific directives to ensure that the necessary steps were taken in a timely manner before starting the two housing projects.

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The meeting also discussed the progress made so far and how many units each of these government residential projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will have after its completion.

The focus of the government is to meet its deadlines and timely deliver all the residential projects related to low-cost housing across the province.

1. Tokra-iii Ring Road

The Tokra -III Ring Road Project is being created in Peshawar, and the authorities are now finishing up the project’s foundational work before launching it.

The government is constructing 1,080 units for the Tokra-III residential development, which spans 79 kanals and would be ready for habitation by the assigned workers.

2. High-Rise Flats In Mardan

The high-rise housing building in Mardan is one of the initiatives that will is unveiled in the following two months. The project is now in the planning and design phase. Nest, they will shortly move on to the following phase given that they will launch it in October 2021.

The high-rise housing building would is built out across a 2.17 Kanal area. As stated by the official handouts provided to the press.

3. Jalozai Housing Scheme

The Jalozai Housing Scheme, a peri-urban project in Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, was the topic of discussion during the conference. Recent updates state that the provincial administration has finished the voting process for 2,510 plots of Phase 3 of the Jalozai Housing Scheme.

The government is also constructing Jalozai Flats, which are being built on a sizable 150 Kanal plot of land. There will be 1,320 flats built on this area in all, and the government has already received 750 applications.

4. Warsak Housing Scheme

Warsak, a neighbourhood in Peshawar, has two distinct residential projects: Warsak Peshawar and Warsak-II. This residential project in Peshawar has 144 apartments, while Warsak-II has 112, for 256 flats that are prepared for launch.

5. Nishtarabad High-Rise Building

In the city of Peshawar, there is a neighbourhood called Nishtarabad. The provincial government has recruited a consultant who will be in charge of planning and development. They are responsible for a high-rise structure here after realising the demand for affordable housing units in the region.

They have set aside 35.8 Kanals for this project, where they will build 650 residential units.

6. Dheri Zardad Project In Charsadda

A project called Dheri Zardad is allotting 3.5 marla-sized pieces of land in Charsadda. There are 458 plots altogether in the programme, however, only 53 are available for allocation at the moment.

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7. Dangram Housing Scheme

The Dangram Housing Scheme is in Swat, where the project’s design is worked on as well and they are preparing it for construction. 836 apartments of various sizes are available as part of this project and distributed to inhabitants.

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8. Surizai Housing Scheme

One of the largest housing developments in the province, the Surizai Housing Scheme, is building in Peshawar. The project, which covers an area of 8,500 kanals, includes 16,000 homes and apartments with grey structures that is for the locals.

Other Government Allotted Housing Schemes

The government will distribute 463 plots in the Jarma Housing Scheme in Kohat, which is likewise in the planning stage. Similar to that, construction on the Hangu Housing Society will shortly begin.

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The government is distributing these affordable housing units at subsidised prices, and banks lend money at extremely cheap interest rates. The prime minister wants to make it possible for every family, including those who cannot afford it, to enjoy the privilege of owning their own house through this initiative.

This is recent data from government-sponsored housing developments in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Go to for additional information on government projects. Moreover, we can also assist you in other matters such as construction rate in multan.

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