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Easy Way to Export MBOX Emails to Outlook

A collection of email messages from a folder are kept in an MBOX database file. At the conclusion, fresh messages are added to the File. To store their mailboxes, many open-source email clients employ MBOX files. These clients include ones like Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Thunderbird, PowerMail, and others. It is possible to manage email conversations with these email clients. For corporations looking for an email client with features beyond email communication, MS Outlook is the best option. Thus many of them wants to Export MBOX Emails to Outlook.

To build up a variety of servers and provide them additional features like contacts, calendars, appointments, journals, and more, MS Outlook enables you to create an infinite number of accounts. Outlook can only be used with MBOX files when you convert MBOX to PST format.

Why Do Individuals Prefer MS Outlook Over MBOX Email Clients?

It’s crucial to understand the advantages of PST over MBOX before beginning the conversion:

  • The simple structure of MBOX makes it only suitable for email conversations, but PST can handle a wide range of data formats. The PST file format allows for the storage of mailbox items like as emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, and notes.
  • Advance users’ format – The PST format is very sophisticated for organizing mailbox data. Emails are save in a text file in chronological sequence using the MBOX format, which is pretty simple.
  • Outlook is compatible with Exchange since it was designed to interact with it. As a result, it is compatible with all Office 365/Microsoft 365 subscriptions as well as Exchange 2019, and all versions of Exchange. You may use offline mode in Outlook as well.
  • Improved security features and increased control – Outlook gives users more control over their emails and attachments, including anti-spam, password protection, and other sophisticated security features.
  • Frequent updates – The Outlook and PST file formats are update frequently to meet evolving communication requirements. MBOX and its email clients are open-source, hence they are not frequently updated.

Method 1: A Straightforward Process to Export MBOX Emails to Outlook/PST

Before moving from an MBOX email client to Outlook, you must convert your MBOX file to a PST file. Three simple steps must be follow in order to convert MBOX emails to PST:

  • You should save MBOX emails as EML files.
  • Drag & drop the EML files into Outlook to start the application and then click Open.
  • You can export emails to PST files.

To save emails to PST files, use Outlook’s Export option.

Step 1: Save emails from MBOX into EML files.

The majority of MBOX email clients will support saving emails as EML files. We’ve shown you how to do it for Thunderbird:

  • On your computer, launch the MBOX email clients. Select New Folder from the context menu when you right-click a folder.
  • Give a folder a name after creating it.
  • Please choose every EML message you want to move and drag it into the new folder.
  • The emails are all now in the folder.
  • Please pick all the emails and save them together in one file. Anywhere you specify will be use to store emails in EML format.

Step 2: Exported Emails to External location

Utilizing an add-on to export specific emails to an external folder is an additional choice. You can export a large number of emails from numerous folders at once.

  • Click the “Display the Thunderbird” button with three horizontal lines open in Mozilla Thunderbird.
    the Add-ons>>Add-ons menu, and then choose Get Add-ons.
  • To add the ImportExportTools add-ons to Thunderbird, click “Add to Thunderbird.”
  • During the software installation procedure, choose the Install option.
  • After the add-on has been successfully install, you can restart Thunderbird.
  • Any folder can be open by right-clicking it after Thunderbird has been launch.
    choose ImportExportTools NG.
  • The ImportExportTools NG menu allows you to export every message in the folder in >>EML format.
  • Select a destination folder and put the EML file there.

Step 3: Drag & drop EML files into Outlook

The outlook may be use to view EML emails. Follow these procedures to import EML emails into Outlook:

  • Access the EML files by opening the folder.
  • All of the emails should be dropp into any Outlook folder.

Step 4: Emails are save in PST (Personal Storage Table) files.

  • Your emails can be exported to a PST file by selecting File> Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • The Import/Export wizard will appear. Select Export to a file and click Next.
  • I pick the information file from Outlook (.pst). You should click Next.
  • After arriving at the area where EML files are save, click Next.
  • Give a location for the new PST file, choose an option, and click Finish to finish the process.

Note: The freshly created PST file can also have a password applied to it.
A new PST file is create and save in the specified location.

Instant Solution to Export MBOX Emails to Outlook

The manual method for transferring MBOX to Outlook requires a number of intricate steps, numerous pieces of software, or add-ons to complete the conversion. MBOX is an open-source file create to store fundamental emails rather than a professionally develop database, hence its contents are subject to corruption. A practical option for regular folks is to use a professional MBOX Converter tool. Data from the MBOX platform can be swiftly export to Outlook using Advik MBOX to PST Converter. The user has the option to filter data using a number of criteria, including To, From, Subject, Date, and Attachment.


Customers frequently transfer their old MBOX data to Outlook due to the wide capabilities and settings of this programme. The blog offers in-depth walkthroughs of the steps involved in utilizing several email clients, including Apple Mail, Eudora, Outlook Express, and others, to export MBOX files using the free manual methods of EML drag-and-drop and multi-stage multi-stage export. A professional tool is suggest for the best and quickest results due to the insurmountable issues with traditional procedures.

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