Dr. Kamal Ranadive? By Google Doodle Honors Biologist

This Monday, Google paid tribute to Dr. Kamal Ranadive. Biologist of cells who was one of the first researchers from India to discover connections between certain cancers and viruses.

The search giant honored Dr. Kamal  with a Google Doodle biologist Dr. Kamal using an instrument. Different elements of the Google logo are represented as microscope slides with cells.

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Ibrahim Rayintakath, An Indian Artist Who Created the doodle

He said in an interview that the late 20th-century lab aesthetics and the microscopic world of cells associated with leprosy and cancer were his primary sources of inspiration.

According to the biographical sketch on Google’s site, Ranadive would have celebrated her 104th birthday on Monday.

Dr. Kamal Ranadive?

Born in 1917, Dr. Kamal Ranadive received a doctorate in cytology, studying cells, during her time at the Indian Cancer Research Center. While she was Director of the Center, she was not just among the first researchers to recognize the link between cancers and viruses but also one of the first to suggest a connection between heredity and breast cancer.

Ranadive also researched the leprosy-causing bacterium and also helped in the development of a leprosy vaccine. She was a pioneer in 1973 when she assisted in establishing India Women Scientists’ Association to aid women in pursuing careers in science.

The sketch of Dr. Kamal Ranadive is the illustration illustrated by Ibrahim Rayintakath. The artist stated that he had the chance to dive into the life of Dr. Ranadive and her work to comprehend her brilliance in her field. “Not just work but also how she was as a person, which wouldn’t have crossed me otherwise,” he said.

A cell biologist with an impressive collection of research work, Dr. Ranadive’s story is an excellent example for girls in our society today to pursue an academic career in biology or research. These are the ten most important things you need to know about Dr . Kamal Ranadive.

Dr. Ranadive was born in Pune on the 8th of November 1917.

  • Although her father had advised her to pursue an academic career in Medicine, she decided to go into biology and eventually earned her doctorate in the field of cytology (cell research) in 1949. The feat accomplished while working as an expert researcher within the Indian Cancer Research Center.
  • Dr. Ranadive then completed her post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, United States, after which she returned to India and joined the ICRC again. ICRC
  • Dr. Ranadive founded India’s first tissue culture lab located at ICRC.
  • She was among the very first researchers in the nation to suggest a connection between heredity and breast cancer and the connection between cancer and certain viruses.
  • She also assisted in developing a vaccine against Mycobacterium leprae, the bacteria which causes leprosy.
  • The year 1973,  the time she established the Indie Women Scientists’ Organization with 11 of her colleagues. This initiative aims to assist women in a variety of scientific istanbul escort bayan fields.

Based on Google, ISWA now has 11 chapters across the country and offers scholarships and childcare options to females who work in science.

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After she retired in 1989, Dr. Ranadive

Began training women to be health workers and provided nutrition and health-related education. She was awarded the highest civilian award in the country in 1982 – the Padma Bhushan, for her contribution to the field of Medicine.

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