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Different Types Of Computer Network In 2022!

An Computer Network refers to a set comprising two or more computers that employ common protocols to share diverse files and resources. It is possible to establish a network connection by using wireless or cable. Every network requires equipment and programs that link computers as well as tools.

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Different Types of Computer Networks

There are many types of Computer Networking options available. The classification of networks in computers is determined according to the size of the network as well as their function.

The size of a network can be expressed in terms of the geographical size and the number of computersthat comprise their networks. This includes everything from computers in a single space up to the millions scattered throughout the globe. The following are the most popular kinds that comprise Computer Network:

The most well-known types of computer networks include:

  • PAN (Personal Area Network)
  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)

Let’s examine all kinds of networking in depth.

What is PAN (Personal Area Network)?

PAN (Personal Area Network) is a computer-based network that is formed around an individual. It usually comprises a mobile or computer as well as a the personal digital assistant. PAN is used to establish communication between these personal devices and connecting to a network of digital connections and the internet.

What is a LAN (Local Area Network)?

An Local Area Network (LAN) refers to a network of computers and other peripheral devices that are connected within a restricted space like a school or laboratory, at home, or office building. It’s a popular network to share resources such as printers, files, games and many other applications. The most straightforward kind of LAN network is to connect printers and computers at a person’s office or home. In general, LAN can utilize as a kind of medium for transmission. It is a type of network that comprises less than 5000 devices interconnected over a variety of buildings.

What is WAN (Wide Area Network)?

WAN (Wide Area Network) is a different important computer network which covers a huge geographic region. The WAN network could be a way to connect an LAN that connects to other LAN’s via radio waves and telephone lines. It’s usually limited to an enterprise or company.

What is MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)?

An Metropolitan Area Network or MAN is the computer network that spans the entire college campus, city or a smaller area. This kind of network is more extensive than an network, which is typically restrict to one location or building. Based on the configuration, this kind of network is able to encompass an area of anywhere from a few miles to several miles.

Other Types of Computer Networks

Other than the previously mentioned network of computers here are additional networks of importance:

  • WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
  • Storage Area Network
  • System Area Network
  • Home Area Network
  • POLAN- Passive Optical LAN
  • Enterprise private network
  • Campus Area Network
  • Virtual Area Network
  • Let’s take a look at the various kinds of networks in depth:


WAN (Wireless Local Area Network) allows you to connect one or more devices via wireless communications within a restricted area such as schools, homes, or an office buildings. The network allows users to move about within a specific area, which can link to the internet. Nowadays, the majority of modern-day WLAN systems are built upon the IEEE 802.11 standards.

2) Storage-Area Network (SAN)

An Storage Area Network is a kind of network that permits blocks of data to store in a consolidated way. It is mostly use to build storage devices like optical jukeboxes, disk arrays and tape libraries.

3) System-Area Network

System Area Network is use to create local networks. It offers high-speed connection in server-to-server and processor-to-processor applications. The computers that are connect to the SAN network work as a single system , operating at very high speeds.

4) Passive Optical Local Area Network

POLAN is a network technology that allows you to connect to structured cabling. It helps you solve the problems of the support of Ethernet protocols as well as network apps.

POLAN lets you use an optical splitters that allow you segregate the optical signal from a mono-mode optical fiber. It converts the single optical signal into multiple.

5) Home Area Network (HAN):

The Home Area Network is always create by connecting two or more computers to create an neighborhood network (LAN) in the home. For instance, in the United States, about 15 million homes are connected to at least one PC.

These kinds of network connections allow computer users to connect several computers. This type of network permits sharing of printers, files, and programs as well as other peripherals.

6) Enterprise Private Network :

Enterprise private networks (EPN) are built and operate by companies that are looking to connect securely multiple sites to share different computer resources.

7) Campus Area Network (CAN):

The campus Area Network is made up of the interconnection of LANs in a certain geographic area. For instance, a college campus may link to various campus buildings in order to link all academic departments.

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