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Difference Between Composite Decking and Composite Cladding

The design is the distinction between composite decking and cladding. The interlocking on the sides of the composite cladding allows you to attach the panels together. Let’s learn more about composite decking and cladding before we get into the differences.

What Is A Composite material? 

What Is A Composite material? 

Wood fibers and plastic are used to make composite materials, which are structural materials. Because they have comparable properties, they might be referred to as composite materials. Composite materials are made at a factory, where the ingredients are mixed with a binding agent and then heated. When the completed product is complete, it is cut into various sizes so that it may be used to construct decking or cladding for your home.

Advantages of Composite Materials 

Composite materials have the benefit of being more durable than wood decking or cladding. This means that composite decking and cladding will outlast wood decking and cladding in the long run. Composite materials are very simple to maintain. All you have to do now is sweep them away with a broom. If you’re dealing with composite claddings, you may clean the unclean side using a towel or a sponge. For long-term durability, wood material must be sanded, oiled, sealed, stained, or painted. Also, you must perform this time-consuming procedure at least once a year, or your wood may deteriorate. Not to mention the money you’ll spend on wood maintenance. In the long term, composite decking and cladding save money since they require less maintenance. Let’s move on to composite decking and cladding now that you know what composite materials are.

What is a Composite Decking? 

What is a Composite Decking? 

Decking for the outdoors Composite decking is a structural material that is used to create decks and patios by homeowners. It may be placed on the ground and used as a surface for people to carry out their activities. This means you may install composite decking in your garden or in your yard. You can also use your komposittrall to host a party by putting tables and chairs on it. Composite decking has a high strength-to-weight ratio. It means composite claddings can withstand the weight of people standing on it without collapsing. You may also use clips and fasteners to attach composite decking boards to a joist or frame. The gap between the panels of composite decking allows for expansion and contraction.

What is a Composite Cladding? 


What is a Composite Cladding? 

cladding with a pleasant appearance Because it is a structural material, composite claddings is comparable to composite decking. The difference between the wood plastic composite claddings and the decking is that cladding manufacturers developed it to be hung on the wall. In various parts of the world, this is why composite claddings and siding are referred to by homeowners. Kompositbeklädnad is a waterproof material that may be used to cover and protect your home’s walls. Wood-plastic composite claddings is also light and durable. One feature of composite claddings that distinguishes it from the decking is that the panels interlock. The boards can join each other thanks to the interlocking of composite covering. Moisture will not be able to penetrate between the boards after they have locked together.

Is Composite Decking appropriate for Cladding?

“If you use composite decking materials as siding, the guarantee will be voided.” It doesn’t imply the decking boards will fail, but if the decking warps or fades, the manufacturer isn’t responsible, according to a decking specialist. This remark suggests that composite decking should not be used as cladding. Although some homeowners coated their decks with composite decking, it does not provide total moisture protection. Because it lacks interlocking, composite decking planks will not interlock like cladding. A rain screen is also included with composite claddings, which provides a separation between the outer wall and the cladding. This rain screen allows air to pass through the area between the cladding and the wall, allowing water to evaporate. So, if you want a long-lasting wall covering, choose the correct material to clad it with.


Composite decking is a type of decking that is commonly used by homeowners to construct their patios. Composite-decking was created with the intention of being laid on the ground. Composite cladding is a type of building material that may be used to protect a building’s side or wall from moisture.

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