Cushion Cut vs Princess Cut Diamonds | Which Should You Buy?

When it comes to designing an engagement ring, choosing a center diamond cut is usually one of the first things on your mind.

As we see in the diamond B2B marketplace, round cut diamonds are popular, but these days for the unique feel, couples prefer non-round cut diamonds. Each diamond shape has its distinct properties and is cut to varied standards, affecting the stone’s overall appearance. Cushion and princess diamonds are two of the most popular fancy and non-round diamond shapes. These both are the first choice of women to showcase their beauty. This blog will figure out the significant difference between these diamonds and which one we should choose.

What do you mean by the diamond cut? 

The second most popular choice in the best b2b marketplace for diamond engagement rings is Princess cut diamonds. Strong lines and four beveled sides characterize this kind of stone. They’re also really stylish.

The French cut and the quadrillion cut were the initial variants of the princess cut diamond. Betzel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz didn’t create the version of the cut that we know and love until 1980. The pavilion and crown of a princess cut can have from 57 to 76 facets, and the pavilion & crown can be cut in a variety of ways. These small changes can affect brilliance, scintillation (sparkle), and light dispersion. Princess cut stones are also slightly rectangular, despite their appearance of being a complete square. The ideal ratio for a princess cut diamond is between 1.00 and 1.05, so the stone’s true rectangular shape is scarcely kayaşehir escort discernible.

When cutting a diamond from a raw stone, the cutter strikes a balance between optimal cut and maximum yield. It helps to maintain as much carat weight from the rough stone as possible. It also creates pressure on the cutter because of its weight. Various customers are ready to pay more for a diamond whose cut is clean, small and in shape. This is why the Cut grade is so significant. It allows the buyer to detect stones that have been cut from Fair to Poor to increase carat weight.

Types of diamond cut


Understanding the different diamond cuts is very important to choosing the right option. Let’s figure out different types of diamond cuts.


The most popular shape on this list is round diamonds, which account for over two-thirds of all diamonds sold. The brightness of a round diamond is unrivaled, with 58 facets. This shape’s traditional elegance and extreme gleam make it so appealing.


The princess diamond cut, one of the more recent diamond shapes, blends the brightness of a round diamond with the sharp edges of a square. 


Emerald diamonds are long and the design looks like stairs. They’re regarded as the best option for those looking for a larger stone at a lower cost.


The appearance of Asscher is almost the same as compared to emeralds. However, they sparkle more. For added flair, they include a smaller table with trimmed edges.


Radiant diamonds look like emeralds but the most amazing thing about this diamond is it has more facets and more cropped corners. It is the best gift option for your love if she loves fire and brilliance at less expense.


Oval diamonds, like round diamonds, have great brilliance and durability. Due to their large size, they are one of the popular choices for engagement rings.


Because of its unusual qualities, the Marquise’s elongated design flatters the palm and draws the eye of many. It has been worn for generations, making it one of the most classic shapes.


The pear diamond is a combination of round-cut diamonds and marquise cut diamonds. This is the reason why they are also known as teardrop diamond cuts. Pears are more difficult to find because they are a tough cut in the B2B diamond marketplace.


Cushion cut diamonds get their name from the “pillow-like” shape in online diamond marketplace. They have smooth, curved edges and might be square or rectangle in shape. Cushion cuts are very popular among vintage enthusiasts.


Diamonds cut in a heart shape are the ultimate emblem of love. These diamonds must be perfectly symmetrical to seem flawless on the wearer’s hand. 

What is Princess Cut? 

Only the round cut diamond is more popular than the princess cut diamond. This modern diamond cut looks like an inverted pyramid with a square or rectangular base and beveled edges.

Arpad Nagy, a London diamond cutter, produced this cut in 1961 as one of the most modern diamond shapes. It was originally known as the “profile cut,” It has undergone several variations since then, culminating in its current form around 1980.

As compared to other cuts princess cut diamonds have 58 facets which makes it more dazzling. On the other hand, Princess diamonds waste only 20% of the rough diamond when cut, making them more cost-effective than other forms.

Because it combines a square shape with the brilliance of a round cut, princess cuts are frequently referred to as “square modified brilliants.”

What is a cushion cut? 

A cushion cut diamond is the combination of a modern round brilliant cut pattern and a traditional old mine facet pattern diamond cut. The shape of this diamond is usually soft, square or even rectangular, with curved edges.

A cushion cut diamond has rounded sides and a square cut, giving it a pillow-like appearance. This is where the term “cushion cut” was coined.

Engagement rings frequently use cut cushion diamonds. They’re also employed in a lot of fashion pieces.

The cost of a cushion cut diamond in the diamond marketplace is much lower than that of a round cut diamond. These costs may vary and rise dramatically due to the growing popularity of cushion cut diamond rings.

Cushion-Cut vs Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds, and cushion-cut diamonds appear to be quite similar, but they are very different. Have a peek:

  1. Fire And Brilliance

The diamond’s brilliance and fire are crucial when deciding between a cushion cut and a princess cut diamond. A princess-cut diamond seems more bright and beautiful than a cushion cut diamond due to its numerous tiny facets. Cushion cut diamonds appear less dazzling due to their wider facets, yet they are highly fiery due to their greater fire dispersion qualities.

  1. Design

Even though both princess and cushion cuts have a square shape, you can tell the difference when you look closely. From every aspect, a princess cut diamond seems geometric, with sharp, angular lines. A cushion cut diamond, on the other hand, has rounded edges. Cushion shaped engagement rings give a classic, romantic vibe, and princess cut engagement rings have a modern and elegant style.

  1. Configuration

The setting is vital to consider while picking between cushion cut and princess cut diamond engagement rings. Princess diamonds can be set in various settings, including bezel settings, channel settings, V prong settings, and traditional prong settings. Because cushion diamonds are less dazzling than round diamonds, we recommend the traditional four-prong setting, which allows more light to enter through the gems.

Which Is The Most Expensive Cut Of Diamond?

In shaping both diamonds, there is less waste, so both come at the almost same price. If we compare them with round cut diamonds, they are less expensive. It is why these princess and cushion diamond cuts are most popular as engagement rings. The cost also varies due to the Diamond supplier. As a result, the princess vs cushion cut debate on cost has no clear winner. Depending on who you ask, both cuts are stunning, dazzling, and trendy. 

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