Commercial Cleaning Company in El Paso: Why So Much Attention on Toilets?

Commercial cleaning company in El Paso pay attention to so many details when making sure the appearance of your business reflects well on you, your employees, and even your customers. But have you ever thought about what your clients think about when they enter one of your restrooms? According to a 2012 study by the National Business Research Institute, the cleanliness of a restroom impacts people’s first impressions than you might think.

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Image Building Services, we’re proud to say that we have clients returning to us time and time again. With over 15 years of cleaning experience under our belts, we’ve learned a thing or two about commercial cleaning… one of which is paying attention to your toilets. It might seem unnecessary, but when you consider that your restrooms are some of your most trafficked business areas, it makes sense to invest a little more time into them! So let’s look at why keeping an eye on your toilets can make all the difference.

Have you ever stopped to think about your toilets?

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a toilet. For example, they can leak, causing damage to your home or business. As one of El Paso’s commercial cleaning companies, we’re committed to making sure your toilets work properly, so you don’t have any issues—we offer regular plumbing services and repairs when something goes wrong. But why do we spend so much time and effort helping you solve problems with your toilets?

We take a look at our top 5 reasons below:

A Clogged Toilet Can Lead to Mold Issues If You Don’t Act Fast… One common problem is clogged toilets – which may seem like an easy fix, but if left alone for too long, it could lead to more serious issues. If not treated right away, the issue could cause mold – mold is just one of many risks associated with leaving a clog unresolved. In fact, according to a study by Michigan State University, over 80% of all homes experience some sort of drain backup. This means you have plenty of opportunities to run into trouble with your drains and toilets. And who wants to deal with that kind of headache? Our professionals will ensure everything is running smoothly so you can focus on other important aspects of your life!

Some people don’t even realize how dirty their toilets are

germs, viruses, bacteria, and more can thrive in your toilet bowl. This can be a health risk to your employees and customers alike. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice cleanliness for cost savings: our commercial cleaning company in El Paso provides affordable toilet cleaning services that get your restroom sparkling again! Learn more about our commercial cleaning service today. We’re here to help!

Here’s why we’re putting so much emphasis on toilets.

Not only are they unsightly, but they’re dangerous. Almost 1.6 million people fall into public or shared toilets every year, according to a study by Staphylococcal. This can result in minor bumps and bruises to broken bones and even death. And it’s not just falling that concerns us here at Bay Area Commercial Cleaning. The CDC estimates around 70% of all diseases are spread through fecal-oral contact. So that’s why we emphasize cleaning your restrooms—not only is it an easy way to improve your business image, but we’re also keeping you safe!

How do you keep your restrooms clean and smelling fresh?

A clean, well-kept restroom speaks volumes about your business and reflects your attention to detail. It’s not easy or cheap to replace damaged items, scrub feces from tile, or air out a room that smells of urine for hours. The bottom line is that dirty restrooms reflect poorly on your business and affect sales. When customers walk into a filthy bathroom, they may decide to go elsewhere rather than risk getting sick themselves. This is especially true for restaurants and other food service businesses; if you want customers to come back for more, you need to keep your facilities sanitary.

Our tips will make it easier for everyone.

Restrooms are, at times, one of a business’s least-thought-about areas. Aside from cleaning them periodically, most owners and managers don’t realize that there is an aspect of proper bathroom hygiene that can lead to serious problems for their customers. However, there are ways to keep your restrooms clean without breaking your budget. Read on for our tips!

Keeping Up with Your Customers’ Expectations Everyone has had a bad experience using public restrooms, whether it was due to unsanitary conditions or inconvenient access. You want your customers to have pleasant experiences using your facilities or be neutral about how they feel about them. The easiest way to ensure you’re living up to expectations? Keep things clean! But let’s look at what exactly clean means in terms of restrooms…

You want everyone leaving your business feeling satisfied.

Whether through a smooth transaction, an exceptional product or service, or simply a smile and friendly goodbye – you want to leave a positive impression. How can you do that when your washroom is messy? Well, you can’t! And for those who deal with public washrooms daily, some of these facts might come as no surprise. After all, they are cleaning up after everyone else all day long. But if you don’t work in a washroom-related field, here are some eye-opening statistics about how dirty our toilets are.

The average person visits their local bathroom between six and eight times per day – which means that each toilet will be used at least once every hour during business hours.

We understand that bathrooms are important places.

In most cases, they are areas we visit multiple times throughout our day. They serve a specific purpose, and when they do not work correctly, it can be very disruptive to everyday life. Because of that, commercial cleaning company in El Paso, TX have made bathrooms a top priority for commercial cleaning service maintenance. Below are some reasons why commercial cleaning company services make toilets such a priority.

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