Chou Tzuyu Profile, Tzuyu Height & Facts

Taiwanese singer Chou Tzuyu , also known only by his first name Tzuyu, is based in South Korea. chou tzuyu is the newest and sole member of Taiwan in the JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE. She was born on June 14, 1999, to self-made business owners in Tainan, Taiwan’s East District. She was traine at a dance academy and began dancing at an early age. Let’s celebrate her big day right here, come on.

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Chou Tzuyu Facts, Height, Age

  • Tzu-yu Chou was born on June 14, 1999.
  • Sally Chou is Tzuyu’s English name, and she is 23 years old.
  • Gemini is the Zodiac Sign.
  • Weight: 48 kg; Height: 5′ 8.4″; Relationship Status: Single; (106 lbs)
  • Tzuyu has a 22 cm waist
  • Buddhist; a religion
  • Hanlim Multi Arts School,
  • Singer; Hanlim Multi Art School graduate; occupation; pastimes include eating and attending shows;
  • With a net worth of $2 million
  • Twitter ID:

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Early Childhood & Tzuyu Height

On June 14, 1999, Chou Tzu-yu was born in Tainan,

Tzuyu Height

Height: 5′ 8.4″;


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To business-owning parents. On a number of public occasions, she described her parents as self-made business owners. She enrolled in painting classes because she had always been intrigued by the idea of pursuing a career in the performing arts.

She participated in the Tainan “MUSE Performing Arts Workshop” in 2012. Some talent scouts there noticed her. Later that year, she relocated to South Korea, where she spent the following two years honing her performing arts skills in singing, dancing, acting, and other areas.

She made her television debut at the age of 16 on the South Korean reality series “16th.” Her abilities were recognized on the programmed, and she was soon included to the recently established all-girl K-pop group “TWICE.”

Tzuyu’s archery performances in the widely-shared videos are from the Idol Star Athletics Championships, not the Olympics. Tzu enjoys archery and has taken part in the ISAC multiple times. Tzu is a South Korean-based Taiwanese singer.

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Chou Tzuyu Competed in the Olympics.

Chou Tzuyu Competed in the Olympics.

Tzuyu gained popularity on Brazilian Twitter in 2021 after a joke that the Taiwanese singer was actually competing in the Olympics was made by ONCE.




Which K-pop star has ice skating experience?

Sung-ho Park
Park Sung-hoon, also known by his stage name Sunghoon (Korean: ; born December 8, 2002), is a South Korean singer, former presenter, and figure skater. He participated in figure skating competitions from 2010 to the beginning of 2020. He has also been a Bighit Music trainee since 2018, and he later transferred to Belift Lab.

Background and Professional Life

Chou Tzuyu

Talent scouts saw chou tzuyu in 2012 at the MUSE Performing Arts Workshop in Tainan, and she later traveled to South Korea to begin her studies. She completed her middle school education by passing a test at Tainan Municipal Fusing Junior High School in 2016.

She graduated from high school in February 2019 from the Hanlim Multi Art School in South Korea. Tzuyu took part in the 2015 season of the South Korean reality programme “Sixteen,” which was co-produced by Met and hosted by JYP Entertainment. She joined the newly formed female group TWICE after being one of the nine successful applicants. Tzuyu was chosen among the “Sixteen” winners by public vote, unlike the other winners.

Tzuyu made his public TWICE debut in October 2015 with the release of their first extended play, “The Story Begins.” The lead single, “Like Ooh-Ahh,” became the first K-pop song to launch with 100 million YouTube views. She has appeared in advertising and served as a presenter for numerous music television shows since her debut.

Chou Tzuyu ranked third among South Korean idols in 2016’s Gallup Korea Music Poll,

which is a yearly survey of music tastes in the country. She came in ninth in the 2017 survey and 12th in the 2018 survey. chou tzuyu came in second place among female K-pop idols in a 2019 poll of South Korean military conscripts serving their country’s mandatory military service. Tzuyu’s beauty has garnered favorable press.

Chou Tzuyu Hobbies & Family

Chou Tzuyu Hobbies & Family

The elder brother of Tzuyu. Tzuyu comes from an affluent family; and her parents run a network of dermatological clinics in southern Taiwan. She was seen by JYP in 2012 at the MUSE Performing Arts Workshop in Tainan, and on November 15 she arrived in South Korea to begin her training.

  • She falls asleep and gets up the earliest.
  • Her dark skin earned her the nicknames “Chocolate,” “Chewy,” and “Yoda.”
  • Blue is the hue that most describes her.
  • Tzuyu like the beverage choco-ae-mongo. (Chocolate milk).
  • Tzuyu enjoys kimbap and tonkatsu.
  • The first Taiwanese-born female K-Pop idol, Tzuyu, made her breakthrough in the genre.
  • Spring is Tzuyu’s favourite season. Winter scares her because she is easily chilled.
  • Indigo is Tzuyu’s favourite colour.
  • Tzuyu frequently wakes up in her sleep.
  • The members claim that Tzuyu sleeps early and rises first.
  • Tzuyu is most assured of her chin and eyes.
  • Tzuyu confessed that she had previously had braces.
  • Tzuyu prefers the Cookies & Cream BR flavour.
  • Love is the Taiwanese movie that Tzuyu suggests. Her aunties, on the other hand, suggested it. When asked if she dreams in Chinese or Korean, Tzuyu replied that she is unsure because her dreams are silent.

She admitted that she adores Sistar, especially Hyorin.  chou tzuyu revealed that she had previously missed school by pretending to be ill. he ability to fully rotate her hands and flip her tongue.

Even though she missed the shot, she still looked stunning.

Chou Tzuyu Hobbies & Family

Tzuyu shed tears when she said goodbye to the rabbits she played with while filming TWICE’s music video on Jeju Island. The members were shocked because Tzuyu is not the type to cry easily; she didn’t even cry when TWICE earned their first number one. She became so close to them.

Chou Tzuyu Slogan:

“Hard effort never disappoints. Be selfless while working hard. You are capable of anything. Pop music is her favourite genre, and Beyonce is one of her favourite artists.

Tzuyu frequently performs Disney tunes.

Her interests include attending shows and enjoying delectable meals. Chaeyoung and Tzuyu frequently perform PPAP. (PPAP Song, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen)

Tzuyu and Rose are close (Black Pink). Tzuyu is friendly with Elkie of the CLC. Kyulkyung of PRISTIN claims that Tzuyu of TWICE is difficult to approach. Tzuyu stated that she would want to give birth to a short daughter if she were to have a second chance at life. Chou tzuyu is perceived by the other members as a girl who doesn’t seem to care about her boyfriend, although she does.

Chou Tzuyu Skills & Qualities

She said that she wanted to learn the guitar because her grandparents can play it when asked what instrument she wanted to learn.

When questioned why she often does not cry at award ceremonies, Tzuyu replied that she is not the type to cry in front of a large crowd. The other members also admitted that she is the dorm resident who cries the most.

Tzuyu received the highest proportion of votes in the competition’s history (87%).She doesn’t speak much on television. Instead of “She’s so attractive,” Tzuyu likes to hear “She’s so talented.”

Tzuyu was ranked eighth on TC Candler’s list of the year’s most attractive faces. Tzuyu was raised in a wealthy family. Major stakeholder of a Taiwanese hospital is Tzuyu’s mother. In Taiwan, for example, her mother has made significant investments in fields like plastic surgery.

  •  In the list of “100 Most Beauty women Faces of 2015,” Tzuyu came in at number 13.
  •  Tzuyu came in at number eight among the “100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2016.”
  •  In the list of “100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017,” Tzuyu came in third.
  •  Tzuyu is listed as having the second-most attractive face in 2018 by TC Candler.
  •  Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu occupy a room in the maknae line dorm.

The Flag Disputation of Tzuyu  Chou

When Chou Tzu-yu appeared on the South Korean programme “My Little Television” in November 2015, she became embroiled in a significant controversy. She seems to have identified herself as a Taiwanese citizen while waving the flag of the Republic of China.

Huang An, a Chinese singer,

Chou Tzuyu with advocating Taiwanese independence on social internet. Nationalists from China also bombarded her with hate speech. The common people soon joined in and accused Chou of taking advantage of the Chinese populace while still supporting independence. As a result of the controversy, Chinese TV stations banned “TWICE,” and several Chinese businesses ended their brand-endorsement deals with Chou.

Chou was forced to convey his regret via video as a result. But the harm had already been done. JYP Entertainment experienced a significant setback. Due to reports that it impacted Taiwan’s election outcomes, the problem attracted attention on a global scale.

Chinese nationalists were enraged by Tzu-flag-waving Yu’s and demanded that she, her K-Pop group Twice, a group of nine 16-year-old females, and Twice be prohibited from performing in China. A short while afterwards, JYP Entertainment, Tzu-management Yu’s business in South Korea, released a video of her glumly reading an apology she had written on paper, beginning,

There is only one China;

The two sides of the Taiwan Strait are one; and I have always been proud to be Chinese. I am deeply sorry for the sorrow I have caused to my business and to my online friends on both sides of the strait, and I also feel very terrible. I’ve made the decision to stop everything I’m doing right now in China and give it some serious thought. I apologise to everyone one more. Sorry.”

Even more than the original outrage expressed by the mainland Chinese Nationalists, her apologies generated a stir in Taiwan. Numerous Taiwanese kids were interviewed by news and media outlets in Taiwan to find out how they felt about the entire situation. Many of the young people spoke in ways like:

I pity Tzu-Yu so much. She is only 16 years old, but she is caught up in all of this political hullabaloo. No Taiwanese person could read that out voluntarily or comfortably.

Chou Tzuyu Remain Resilient! We are by your Side.

The incident involving Tzu-Yu and the flag garnered so much attention that it was covered by CNN, BBC, New York Times, and numerous other American media outlets.

If what they say about fame bringing enormous responsibility is accurate, then it must be!

Chou Tzuyu Flag

waving was just one of many incidents escalating tensions between Taiwan (Republic of China) and Mainland China (The People’s Republic of China) after the Pro-Independence Party of Taiwan narrowly won the presidential elections and Taiwan’s nation status is still hotly contested in relation to the One China Policy of mainland China (The People’s Republic of China).

Why We Love Tzuyu 

Chou Tzuyu Hobbies & Family

  • She like animals.
  • On Jeju Island, where the music video for TWICE was being shot, Tzuyu sobb as she said goodbye to the rabbits she had been playing with. Tzuyu is not the kind to cry easily; she didn’t even cry when TWICE received their first number-one single, which startled the other members.
  • She’s a lot of fun
  • Her ears may be made to move on their own. She has the ability to fully rotate both her hands and her tongue. She therefore engages in these activities when she wants to amuse and impress those around her.
  • “Chou Tzuyu Skate Twice,” 3.
  • For a commercial, she took skateboarding lessons. Even a fan-made mobile game named “Tzuyu Skate Twice” was inspire by that.


  • What colour is Tzuyu’s uniform?
  • For what is Tzuyu renown?
  • Chou Tzuyu received braces?
  • What song from twice is Tzuyu’s favourite?
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