Women’s Interests

There’s no question that women’s interests have more socially acceptable sartorial choices than men.
From clothing to shoes to accessories to cosmetics,
it’s clear that women’s interests have more options when it comes to dressing up or down.
And many celebrate makeup as one of the most empowering aspects of women’s wardrobes.
While it might be true that men can wear whatever they want,
society often imposes stricter guidelines on what women can and cannot wear.
This is especially true in regard to clothing,
where there are countless restrictions dictating what types of clothes are appropriate for a woman and which ones are not.
For example, skirts must be below the knee,
dresses must be fitted tightly around the torso, and sleeves must be kept at a minimum length.
These rules may seem arbitrary at first,
but they’re actually based on centuries-old cultural norms that dictate what is considered feminine and masculine.
Despite these limitations, some women feel empowered by their women’s interests to Rock a dress or pair of high heels.
For them, wearing makeup is another way of asserting their independence and asserting their own sense of style.

As feminist writer Roxanne Gay put it: “Makingup is not only about covering up our flaws-
it’s about covering up the fact that we exist.”
Nowadays, there’s no reason why women shouldn’t wear whatever makes them happy.
And whether you prefer skirts short enough to show your thigh highs or maxi dresses long enough to cover your toes,
you should feel free.

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