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Best Medical Charts Software For Healthcare Providers!

Whatever the size of your healthcare practice, using medical charts software to manage your clients’ records and data is essential. A small practice, on the other hand, may not require the same features and functions as a larger clinic. Healthie’s cloud-based medical charts software is tailored to small practices, with the capacity to extend as your business expands.

Selecting the Best Medical Chart Software for a Small Practice

When selecting medical charts software for your small practice, there are various factors to consider. You should ensure that your system is:


As a small practice, you most likely specialize in one area of healthcare. Customizable templates and features that are relevant to your area of expertise can make life much easier and more productive for your office employees.


The Covid-19 pandemic is still occurring. This means that more healthcare is delivering remotely than ever before. Look for medical charts software for small practices that allows you to digitally exchange information with your clients and staff. Ideally, the program will also integrate with a telemedicine portal.

HIPAA compliance

It is critical that you select a system that guarantees your client’s data will be entirely secure and protected.

Simple and intuitive to use

Make sure your small practice medical charts software isn’t difficult to use or overburdened with features. Life in a small practice is already stressful, so it’s critical to select software that won’t disrupt your operations.

What can medical chart software do for your small practice?

Medical charts software that is HIPAA compliant

Medical charts software for small practices makes it simple to access client notes and information from any device, at any time. Your data is encrypt and securely kept on top-tier servers, giving you peace of mind. That you’re in HIPAA compliance and satisfying all critical security criteria.

Integrated charting templates and formats

Signing up for medical charts software gives you access to a large library of forms. That is design to the demands of your company. Intake forms for a variety of wellness professions, HIPAA disclaimers, cancellation policies, and other documents are include. If you can’t find the form you’re looking for, you may use the simple form builder to make one.

Integration with other aspects of practice

Medical charts software is only one component of a full practice management system for the small practice. You can manage scheduling, billing and payment processing, and insurance billing all from one platform. It’s simple to use client information to auto-fill claims forms and Superbills and submit them through the Healthie interface.

You can also use the protected client engagement portal to communicate with your clients, track their progress, conduct telehealth sessions, and exchange session notes or care plans. Because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, any healthcare practice needs a solid telemedicine system.

Paperless medical charts software

Many clinics are attempting to go entirely or mostly paperless. Using a fully digital medical chart software solution eliminates the need to enter data twice, increases data security, and reduces your carbon footprint.

You can send digital intake forms to your clients to fill out and e-sign using medical chart software. These can be done safely online. The data is automatically pull into their profiles via smart field technology. You can also use Healthie’s EMR system for small practices to e-Fax forms and charting templates for other members of your firm.

Designed to be customized to your specific needs

The lactation consultant and the physician may require very different things from their small practice medical charts software. As a result, Healthie was design to address the demands of a diverse variety of wellness. The practitioners include dietitians, nutritionists, personal trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and others. Make use of forms and features that have been carefully built for your company.

Medical chart software can be customize not only by profession but also by cost. When you manage a small practice, you also want to make sure you’re just paying for the medical charts software features that you truly require.

Medical charts software features that save time

According to large research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, doctors spend around 16 minutes per patient interaction charting using medical charts software. One-quarter of this time is spent on documentation, which takes time away from patient care.

Any medical charting software worth integrating will have built-in methods for reducing charting time.

Pre-fill features will assist in pre-populating chart notes with patient information (i.e. copying text from a prior charting note). Which may then be modify by the healthcare provider.

Smart phrases enable the suggestion and use of useful common terms, as well as custom phrases while charting.

Smart fields will populate specific charting fields using patient information (for example, date of birth) that was previously acquired, such as during the onboarding process.

Combined with additional clinical instruments

Consider looking for medical charts software that directly integrates with other clinical tools, depending on your patient demographic and the demands of your healthcare practitioners. This could include the capacity to order e-Labs, e-Rx, or propose vitamins and nutraceuticals to patients.

The ability to complete these requests directly through medical chart software can increase provider efficiency.

Medi Fusion

MediFusion is providing cloud-based EHR (electronic health record) solutions suitable for medical practices and clinics of all sizes and specialties. Key features include patient management, appointment reminders, e-prescription, patient tracking, registration, and more.

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