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Best mattress cover: which mattress cover to choose

Equipping your mattress with a mattress cover contributes to its preservation and durability. It protects the surface of the mattress from daily dirt, traces of sweat, and other human waste products.

You might never have to clean your clean mattress again if you’ve covered it with an appropriate protector. To get rid of odors and allergens, remove the protection and wash it once a month.

Today, there is a large selection of mattress protectors that we can recommend to extend the functionality of your mattress.

The materials from which the cases are made

Protection for mattresses is made of synthetic artificial fabrics or natural.

✅ The natural fabrics from which covers are made include:

  • Wool – has useful properties and promotes prevention, is warmer than other fabrics, has increased wear resistance;
  • Coarse calico and satin are the most famous varieties of cotton. They have high thermal conductivity and adjust your body temperature.

✅ Synthetic materials include:

  • Knitwear – does not wrinkle during your sleep. Very soft and elastic fabric;
  • Polyester is the most practical material, but the disadvantages include the fact that the bed begins to slide over the cover;
  • The membrane has water-repellent properties, is resistant to high temperatures, and provides elasticity.

Mounting methods

All mattress covers are non-removable and, accordingly, removable.

Naturally, the ideal solution would be a removable cover. This quality will greatly simplify the content of the product.

  • Fixed – not very convenient. Cleaning it with the call of specialists can be quite expensive. Has a handle for transportation, edge, aerator;
  • Removable – much more convenient to use, it is possible to clean it yourself from dirt using even a washing machine. It has elastic bands and Velcro, a circular snake.

Which case is better to choose?

To reduce costs, it is desirable to purchase a cover with the ability to remove it later. It is very practical to use, and it is quickly removed in case of contamination and can be washed or replaced with a fresh one.

When choosing a mattress moving cover, it is better to follow the following recommendations:

  1. Measure your mattress before purchasing. This should be done so that a very large cover does not fly off the mattress, and a small one, on the contrary, does not fit on it;
  2. To ensure sleep in comfortable conditions, you should make your choice of thick covers;
  3. Carefully study the information indicated on the operating instructions;
  4. The cover made of high-quality material will not shrink when washed.

When deciding to determine the choice of your future mattress cover, you should approach it very consciously. A low-quality product will cause you inconvenience.

We recommend purchasing a product with the appropriate quality from trusted best manufacturers, information about which can be found in customer reviews.

Thinking about buying mattress protectors?

On our site, you can always choose high-quality, good mattress covers. In addition, there are options for mattresses with a zipper and an elastic band made of both natural and synthetic materials.

✍ You can place an order through the website or call us today at +44 151 934 1250 to book your desired mattress cover.

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