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Alzheimer Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Symptoms of Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disease. It is the most common type of dementia that gradually leads a person to problems and difficulties. that is a dangerous disease that is mostly seen only after the age of 50, but it is not necessary. Many researchers have found that this disease can start even after 30 or 40 years. Even nowadays this disease is seen in people below 30 years of age.

The disease was first discovered in 1906 by Alois Alzheimer, a German psychologist, and neurologist. That is why this disease was named after him Alzheimer’s.

In this disease, the person needs maximum care. It is very important to take special care of him. Every year on the 21st of September, Alzheimer’s Day is celebrated all over the world. It is celebrated so that people become aware of it and they can get maximum information about this disease.

With this, a person can start getting treatment for it in time. This can be a very dangerous disease. If this disease happens to a person, then it is not easy to get rid of it.

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disease. In this disease, some parts of the brain are affected which control a person’s ability to think, understand, remember and worry, as well as control speech. The disease affects those parts. Dementia is the most common type of Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is more in elderly people, which gradually eliminates the ability to remember and think.

Due to this disease, the person is not able to easily do the tasks in everyday life. Scientists have done many studies about this disease but no one has been able to come to the conclusion of what is the biggest cause of this disease. It is an autopathic disease.

In today’s title, we will try to learn about Alzheimer’s disease, its symptoms, and its causes. So let’s find out what they are.

Symptoms of Alzheimer

1.) The initial symptoms of this disease are that the person gradually starts forgetting his normal activities. People understand that this is due to old age. Forgetting is a common thing, but forgetting everything is a special subject. So people should pay attention to it.

2.) Problems start coming in everyday work. The person is not able to carry out his daily activities easily. The ability to work begins to wane.

3.) The person gradually starts forgetting even the normal things of his lifestyle.

4.) Forgetting the name of any person or even famous places or roads around the house, all these are symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

5.) There is also a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease that in this disease, the person’s tongue starts to falter and he is not able to say anything in the right way. He gets stuck in saying everything and talks only after getting stuck. His tongue could not be under his control.

6.) The power to do any work or to solve any issue does not remain within the person. He loses the ability to think. The person’s brain does not work properly.

7.) The person has trouble being social. He does not mix with people easily and prefers to be alone.

8.) There is a change in the personality of Alzheimer’s patients because they remain confused.

Causes of Alzheimer

Scientists have done much research about Alzheimer’s disease and have tried hard to know its cause. Many causes of Alzheimer’s disease have also been discovered by scientists. Here we will tell about some of the reasons that can be responsible for Alzheimer’s disease-

1.) Genetics

Alzheimer’s disease can also occur due to hereditary or genetic reasons. This simply means that if a family member has had Alzheimer’s disease before, then this disease can be seen in the coming generations as well. The genes of a person can be passed on to other generations and become responsible for this disease.

2.) Vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency is also one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. When there is a deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body, then in such a person’s brain starts weakening. This makes it difficult for a person to remember normal daily activities.

3.) Due to lack of sleep

The body needs adequate rest. If the sleep cycle is not completed properly, then in this case the brain or brain of the person starts to weaken. This can also result in a dangerous disease like Alzheimer’s.

4.) Headache

Headache can also be the cause of a dangerous disease like Alzheimer’s. If a person has a persistent headache or migraine problem, then he should not ignore it.

5.) Causes of obesity

Due to excess fat in the body, the nerves of the brain can also become weak. This can cause Alzheimer’s.

6.) Anxiety or Depression

Anxiety, stress or depression, etc. are very dangerous for the brain. These can dry out the nerves of the brain. This increases the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

Apart from this, Alzheimer’s disease can also occur due to the following reasons-

1.) Due to the presence of diabetes mellitus

2.) Due to Faliz’s disease

3.) Reasons for sleeping and waking up late

4.) Due to not taking nutritious food


Alzheimer disease prevention


It is very important to note that there is no exact cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Along with this, they need to take special care of eating well, eating nutritious food, exercising, getting up early in the morning, and sleeping early at night.

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