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A Winning Guide To Puffing Real Estate Social Media Marketing!

Buying or selling a house is an important financial and emotional decision where most people have a lot of doubts and questions. They want expert advice from someone who can help them navigate the complex landscape of the puffing real estate world. They need someone they can feel comfortable and confident with their home-buying decision.

This is where you can establish yourself as a trusted point of reference on social media. It is the perfect platform to include in your real estate marketing. You can establish trust with potential clients by interacting with them through different social networks.

Generate more leads and find success with the best social media marketing tips for your real estate business in this blog. These ideas have proven to be successful all the while. So take a look at them carefully.

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Before you start social media marketing for your puffing real estate, you need to map out your expected goals. Ultimately, your goals can help you plan a strategy and decide how much time, effort, and resources you need to put in.

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Here are some common goals you need to set before you plan your marketing strategy.

  • 1. Develop a brand- Being a realtor, people should identify your name and brand in the market. Relying on social media promotions and ad campaigns in order to achieve this goal is not enough. Try to add a personal touch to build more trust and faith in clients.
  • 2. Reach more leads- Leads are important to keep your puffing real estate going. To generate leads, consider planning a strategy using social media to get the information of prospective clients.
  • 3. Get more website traffic- Social media can help drive traffic to your website. You can achieve this through posts, stories, and social media ads. Keeping an eye on conversions and URL clicks can help determine whether social media is working for your business.
  • 4. Grow your audience- Growing followers means increased brand awareness and reputation. You need to stay updated with the social media marketing trends relevant to your industry. You can leverage social media at its best by doing this.

See the hashtags and keywords your competitors and industry leaders are using. Create a list of hashtags you think might work, use them in your posts, and evaluate their effectiveness.

Practina’s AI power can automatically add top-performing hashtags to your posts that can get better engagement and results.


The simplest way to do this is to think about the target audience and a way to divide them into groups. For instance, if you sell luxury properties, you may classify your audience as high-net-paying executives.

Determine the content that will attract such an audience. Create interesting and engaging posts to get maximum response.

Similarly, you need to look into what your rival companies are posting on social media. Figuring out what your competitors are doing can help determine the potential work, saving you time and effort.

It also helps you align with the top performers in the industry and improve your social media marketing efforts.

Here’s what you can do.

1. Make a list of a few businesses or brands more recognized in your industry and deal in properties the same as you. Keep adding more names to the list as you find more related pages depending on the social media network you are on.

2. Visit every business profile on your list across popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Note the following things about them:

  • Profile description
  • Top-performing posts
  • Captions and product descriptions
  • Numbers of likes, comments, and shares
  • Quality
  • Followers
  • Interactions

Once you have this data, you’ll get a tentative idea of where your audience spends most of their time. You can use that to identify your priority and content for each social media platform. This can help improve your game to compete with big industry names puffing real estate.


Now you need to figure out where to post content and when. However, posting on each social media platform manually can be time-consuming. That’s when you can use a social media automation tool like Practina.

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1. Facebook- It remains one of the ruling platforms for real estate social media marketing. Facebook is the perfect platform to target clients based on location, age, interests, and other demographics. A business page offers advanced features to make Facebook marketing more effective.

2. Instagram- It doesn’t need any introduction since puffing real estate are booming on Instagram right now. Outstanding property photos are all over Instagram. Additionally, features like Stories and Reels make it simple for real estate professionals to push their content out daily and get maximum exposure.

3. LinkedIn- This professional social networking platform helps connect with fellow realtors and share your industry experience. LinkedIn is an incredible platform for real estate social media marketing.


Social media marketing efforts don’t stop at posting content. Take it a step further by interacting with people on social media. Staying in touch with social media users can grow your brand visibility and page engagement.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Respond to comments regardless of whether they are positive or negative.
  2. Post Ask Me A Question Stories to increase interaction and generate leads.
  3. Go through the forums and respond to people’s questions that are closely related to your industry.
  4. Reach out to potential clients through personal messages and help solve their queries to build positive relationships.
  5. Publish posts that can help start conversations.


Advertising is a great way to grow your presence on social media and a crucial part of real estate marketing. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram ads can be game-changers for your puffing real estate. Targeted social media ads can help generate leads and improve your client list.

puffing real estate

These ads are pretty effective as they target those already looking for puffing real estate like yours. For instance, using Practina, you can create lead-generation ads and get instantly notified when someone shows interest. Get the contact details of prospects and convert them into clients before your competitors reach them.

Running social media ads consistently can help you grow faster and become the top realtor in your area.


Extending your reach on social media may sound hard at first, but it does become easier with time. However, the main challenge remains consistency. You need to spend time increasing your social presence, and you’ll find yourself closing more deals.

That is easier said than done, but Practina can help maintain your social presence without involvement. It’s the world’s only real estate social media marketing tool where you can SET IT and FORGET IT!

Practina can automatically create and publish content for your social media. It can turn your MLS updates into posts to keep your followers updated on your listings and help run ads in under five minutes.

With the Practina Gallery feature, automatically transform basic property images into stunning posts. All you need to do is use the Practina app and click and upload pictures.

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