A Guide To Making An Injury At Work Claim In Scotland

Want to know how you can get maximum compensation for a work injury claim in Scotland? Who can help you make a successful claim? How much compensation can you get?

Many workplace injury victims are finding answers to these questions. They are confused about whether they must pursue their claim by themselves or hire a work injury claim solicitor in Scotland. After reading this article, you can find answers to all these questions-Blogogle.

Here is our guide on how to make a successful injury at work claim in Scotland

How is the process of work injury claims in Scotland different from England?

The process of making a work injury claim in Scotland and England is different. Therefore, if any individual is aware of the claim process in England does not signify that he will help you with your claim in Scotland. You have the right to make a claim only where the accident occurred and where you sustained workplace injuries. So, if the accident occurred in Scotland and you’ve suffered injuries in Scotland, you’ll have to claim compensation in Scotland-Blogogle.

How are Scottish laws different from English laws? 

According to the Treaty of Union 1707, the Scottish legal system is independent. The Scottish procedures are different from English Laws. For example, as compared to other states in the UK, Scotland has a lower limit on legal alcohol-Blogogle.

Work injury claims in Scotland

The laws are similar when making a work injury claim in Scotland. However, there are some differences in the legal systems between the two countries that can significantly affect your claim. For example, if you suffer pleural plaques through exposure to asbestos at the workplace-Blogogle, you can claim compensation for such injury in Scotland but not England. In addition, there are some differences in the process of filing claims in both countries.

Eligibility criteria for making a work injury claim in Scotland

The eligibility criteria for making an injury claim in Scotland are pretty much similar to that of England. Irrespective of whether you reside in Scotland or England, your employer is legally bound to provide you with safety gear and equipment to minimize the chances of injuries at work. If you sustain injuries due to safety gear or any other reason due to no fault of yours, you’ll be eligible to receive compensation.

Am I eligible for statutory sick pay if I sustain injuries at the workplace in Scotland?

You may require some time to recover when you get injured at work. However, due to the danger of being deprived of your earnings, you’re compelled to work despite injuries. But, you can get a sick leave that allows you to take some days off from your work to recover from your injury without losing your pay.

You’re eligible to get Statutory sick pay if your agreement does not allow for sick pay.

Variation between compensation amount in Scotland and England

There is a significant difference between the work injury compensation in Scotland and England. The compensation amount in Scotland is higher compared to England.

Seeking the help of a work injury claim specialist in Scotland

It’s crucial to seek help from an injury claim solicitor to maximize your chances of securing compensation against your employer. A claim specialist can manage the legal formalities and boost the chances of getting your work injury claim-blogogle.

However, victims make enormous mistakes when hiring work injury claim solicitors, such as not asking for their prior experience. You must hire someone who has experience in pursuing successful claims in Scotland.

Whether you’ve suffered injuries-blogogle because of an accident in Scotland or an accident at work in England, you must hire work injury claim specialists at Call Nessie. The best thing about their services is that they offer a no-win-no-fee claim service. So, you pay when you win the case.

Similarly, email correspondence makes sure that any interaction between yourself and the insurance providers is transparent. A digital copy of all relevant documents comes in handy in this regard. The documents should all be easy to access so as to make sure that the process of claims for damages is easier at every stage.

We simplify the process of car insurance claims and guide you through every step in the process. This involves detailed interaction and liaising with the various parties involved, such as the insurers.

You can bank on our services as we offer comprehensive post-accident management services. With our elaborate industry experience and knowledge how we are well equipped to assist you at every stage of obtaining claims. This ensures that the process stays smooth and hassle-free for you and you are able to get the right amount to which you are entitled, without the need for any insurance excess to be paid on your behalf.

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