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8 Tips to Create Amazing Live Video for Instagram

8 Tips to Create Amazing Live Video for Instagram

A recent study has found an increase of 76% in daily comprar seguidores twitter accumulated likes for Instagram ads in the quarantine period for COVID-19

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If you’re a marketing professional looking to engage with your customers and reach them, there’s at least one place where you’ll most likely discover these people: Instagram. Here’s a list of eight ways to create amazing Instagram Live content.

First, let’s look at what Instagram Live is and why it’s an effective platform.

What exactly is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is essentially an Instagram story that you see right at the end of the feed. However, it is recorded and streamed in real-time. Live reports will be displayed on the top of your icons in circles to let the user know whether a company or person is live when you view your Instagram feed. Then, Instagrammers can follow the story in real-time.

The reasons why you should utilize Instagram Live

Why not? If you’re seeking something more tangible, here are several reasons to consider giving Instagram Live a try:

How do you create content that is engaging for Instagram Live?

After we’ve explained what Instagram Live is and why it’s a potent tool to market your business, We need to discuss how to create top-quality content that is prepared to live stream and connect with your followers.

  1. Be real (and professional)

Rule number one on Instagram Live is to be as authentic and authentic as possible. What does it mean by this? It’s not the right occasion to read an audio script or transform into a salesperson. Rather, people would like to watch you live because they want to see an actual human. Particularly in these times where we’re experiencing social isolation, people require that real human connection, even if it’s available via the iPhone screen.

  • How do you become your authentic self for your viewers?
  • Learn in Brene Brown, and don’t shy away from being vulnerable.
  • Feel free to express your emotions.
  • Talk as you would with a friend or colleague.

I’m not suggesting that you cry in front of the camera or discuss the doctor’s appointment you got this week. Instead, let your personality shine when you interact with your followers on Instagram.

For instance, it’s acceptable to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on your business and to show emotions in the process. But, going on an excessively dramatic tangent could make people drop off. Be genuine and professional.

  1. Make time to plan

Although it’s tempting to hop onto Instagram Live and tell the people who follow you how great your company is, it might not be as successful as you envision it. Instagram Live is certainly more casual and less planned-out style; however, those who master its plan for their live broadcasts and establish specific objectives ahead of time.

In addition to having goals established, your schedule must be planned and scheduled. For example, does the Livestream you plan include Q&A? Perhaps a product launch, or “behind the scenes”? Another Instagram Live strategy might be to Livestream an event, a preview of a product, an educational session, or even an office tour. Although there are many possibilities for formats to choose from, It is crucial to know what you intend to discuss to keep your viewers interested.

Below is a great example from Nutritious Life. The creator held a Q&A session where she was well-prepared, even including the text for the audience to understand what the conversation was all about before turning their volume up.

  1. Keep up with the ongoing series

People appreciate consistency, particularly when there is uncertainty. It doesn’t matter if it’s weekly, daily, or even monthly. The surface of a Livestream series that your fans are enthusiastic about can increase your odds of Instagram Live success. If, for instance, you’re a real estate marketer, consider a “New on the market!” series where you showcase your latest properties. Perhaps you can do weekly stories about your customers. Whatever the concept of your series may be, focusing on educational content that the viewers are likely to seek out is the best option for something similar to this.

Take a look at the video below on the man who co-founded Sift Bake Shop in Mystic, Connecticut, where he hosts a recurring series known as “Ask Adam.” In the videos, Adam answers popular baking questions. A simple but efficient method of keeping followers returning.

  1. Promote your live sessions beforehand

Alongside having a strategy and a consistent series, it is also important to communicate your plan to your leads and followers. Instagram Live campaigns should be similar to other live events where you advertise to your followers and leads to make sure they are aware of the date, time, location, and why of your planned live strategy.

Promote your live event via your other social media channels and emails, and then you can target your promotions to the appropriate audience. For example, if your live event is the most attractive to a certain group of people, create an email marketing campaign to reach this segment to increase their curiosity.

Consider the following example from a prominent coach that promoted her live event by simply informing his followers via his Instagram video post just a day before the live event, containing the date and time and allowing his followers to peek inside. Genius!

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  1. Engage your guests

Another cool thing that is unique to Instagram Live is that it allows users to post comments in real-time! While this is excellent for the attendees, it can be overwhelming for presenters. It is important to remember that you don’t have to be engaged with every single comment, of course. It would be best if you tried to remain within the guidelines as we discussed previously in Tip #2 above.

But, it is important to think of this as a chance to get to know your customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a query that is in line with the topic of your discussion or simply acknowledging the kind words of a commenter and giving them live attention will help them feel valued and connected with your company. A great way to accomplish this is to have a coworker monitor the comments and the most popular ones that you can reply to the presenter. You can also conduct an open-ended Q&A session after your live event if you’d prefer to address questions in the middle.

  1. End by using CTA. CTA

What is the best way to you conclude your Instagram Live? End the Q&A, thank your co-host, and say “bye!” Nope! It is best to finish with a CTA tied to your Instagram Live with a CTA connected directly to the goals you’ve laid out. It could be as easy as checking your account out or more involved, such as completing a form; it is essential to achieve your goal completed and get the live viewers to take any action they want to take.

Be sure that it doesn’t appear overly salesy or pushy when you mention the CTA. It should be focused on actions that you can observe participants performing.

  1. Have fun during your Instagram Live session!

Be aware that Instagram Live is not a serious marketing channel that is an uninteresting plug for your company. Instead, Instagram is an opportunity for people to enjoy themselves, and you should be enjoying yourself too! If you’re not having fun, your followers will be able to see. Let your personality show through, make fun of yourself, and don’t worry about not uttering a word or making mistakes. Instead, accept the error, laugh, and then go forward. Your fans will appreciate your authenticity.

Let loose, make connections to have fun, and connect with others. Don’t take your life too seriously, because if you’re having fun, and your friends are, they will too!

  1. Remember to download and then share your live stream

And last but not least prior, be sure to save your Livestream in conclusion! This is an excellent idea that many new live streamers don’t know how to accomplish. We all dislike watching ourselves on video. However, it’s a perfect way to enhance your live sessions for the future constantly. If the live session is successful, it will be able to share through your feed or other social media channels.

For saving your videos, simply click “save” on the top left corner. Immediately share it on your account for 24 hours.


Screen sharing with Instagram Live

Although there are many uncertainties in life, especially in these times, one obvious thing is that Instagram Live is currently an efficient platform for enhancing your marketing strategies. So, get started and tell us how you’ve been using it!

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