8 Most Brilliant Hacks to Shift Your House

From Mumbai To Jaipur

When you consider shifting your house from one end of the country to another, there is a certain perplexity that comes into play. As you are shifting from Mumbai to Jaipur, you are bound to feel uncertain about a lot of things. You don’t have to feel anxious about the shifting process anymore after you read this article. Go through the following pointers on the 9 most brilliant hacks to shift your house from Mumbai to Jaipur:

1. Consolidate a moving plan

When you are planning to shift your house from Mumbai to Jaipur, you have to plan several aspects for the same. You need to consolidate a moving plan by deciding the moving date and the moving budget. Make sure that you choose the moving day at least a month ahead of the present date. You need this margin to prepare for the intercity house shifting. When you decide on the budget for your move, make sure that the moving charges do not interrupt the regular monthly expenses.

Next, it is time to plan out the mode of the house shifting. You have two options for that; you can conduct the move by yourself or you can choose the second option of getting professional help for the same. Since you are shifting from Mumbai to Jaipur, you should hire packers and movers for your shifting. Long-distance moves should be attended by the packers and movers as there are a lot of risks involved in the process. Just be sure that your moving company is genuine and the charges that you are paying are reasonable.

2. Fix a moving company

After you are ready with your consolidated plans about the moving date, moving budget, and the mode of shifting, it is time to decide on the moving company. You can ask your friends, co-workers, relatives, and social media contacts. You can also check online for the reviews and ratings of previous customers who have availed of their services. Again, you can call the lead generating companies for sending you verified details of the moving companies. Conduct a pre-move survey with each of the moving companies and get the cost quotations. Compare the rates and choose the moving company offering the lowest rates. Verify their credentials and then sign the moving contract.

3. Prepare an inventory

After being sorted with the major concerns of your house shifting from Mumbai to Jaipur, you should start with the preparation process. To begin with, prepare an inventory and mention all the tasks that you need to complete before the moving day. Make sure that you stick to the inventory and do not hoard the preparations for the last minute. Otherwise, you will be landing in a lot of mess. Make the house shifting organized by following the inventory throughout the preparation phase.

4. Toss out the inessentials

While conducting long-distance moves, you have to move your goods over a huge distance and this will add up the cost of the move. But since you cannot change the distance between Mumbai and Jaipur, you cannot reduce the moving charges this way. However, you can reduce the size of your move to reduce the moving charges. Pick out all the unnecessary things in your house and keep them aside. Check their present condition if they are reusable or not. Sell or donate reusable items and toss out the useless stuff. If you move only with the essentials, you will have to pay much less than otherwise.

5. Protect the valuable items

You cannot rely upon the packers and movers to handle your valuables like precious pieces of jewellery, expensive watches, some pricey gadgets, and confidential documents no matter how genuine they are. Therefore, you should handle them by yourself. Pack them in a particular bag and store them in a wardrobe. As you travel from Mumbai to Jaipur with your family, carry this bag with you.

6. Oversee the utilities

While moving long-distance, many people make the common mistake of ignoring the management of utility services. This may have severe consequences. You should oversee the utilities with utmost caution. Call your utility provider in Mumbai and ask them to terminate the utilities on the day of your move after you start. Call the utility providers in Jaipur and ask them to provide you with new utility connections like water, electricity, gas, trash collection, DTH, and internet as you arrive there.

7. Avail of insurance facilities

As you move from Mumbai to Jaipur, don’t miss out on the opportunity to ensure the safety of your goods through moving insurance. You will be transporting your household consignment through a distance of 662 kilometres. If anything goes for a toss on the way, you don’t have to feel the pangs of anxiety if you avail of the moving insurance. Your moving company in Mumbai will take care of your goods and will repair, replace, or repay you with the financial losses for your damage. Please go through the lines of the insurance policy before signing the dotted line on the moving contract.

8. Track your consignment

While conducting long-distance moves, you have to be careful about the safety of your belongings and there should not be any loopholes in the process. Your moving insurance assures you of the safety of your belongings as an aftermath of the damage that already occurred. But being able to track your in-transit consignment will allow you to stay updated about the ongoing position of the moving vehicle. Collect the tracking ID of your consignment from the moving company so that you can check the position of the moving truck on the way from Mumbai to Jaipur.

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The Cessation

When you are shifting your house from one state to another across the country, you need to plan and prepare you to have to be an avid planner, a prompt decision-maker, and a proactive individual who can handle the adversities of a situation if anything goes wrong.  Since you are considering moving from Mumbai to Jaipur, follow the above-mentioned 9 most brilliant hacks to shift your house from Mumbai to Jaipur. I wish you a splendid move!


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