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6 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage Of Free Home!

Extension Consultations

Are you planning to have home extensions? If you look up online, you can see a lot of free consultations from almost every home extension business. It doesn’t matter whether your want to add a big or small extension. As long as you’ve decided to make this change, you can always avail yourself of the free consultations.

Home extensions are one of the most popular options when it comes to home improvement. However, before you get excited, there are just a few things you need to consider. Some of the things you need to check first are your budget, time, and needs.

So first, ask yourself if you need home extensions, and identify the purpose. Then, make sure you have enough time to cheque on everything from planning to the finishing touches. And lastly, inspect your bank accounts and look if there’s a possibility for loans.

If you’re all set, it’s time to know the reasons why you should avail of that free home extension consultation!

1. Better than online research

Of course, there are many things that the internet can help you with. However, sometimes, you just need to talk straight to the experts. So instead of wasting your time looking for home extension planning ideas, you can just look for the best home extension builders near you.

It’s easier to do research in finding the best team to guide you instead of planning something on your own. Moreover, one way or another, you’ll be going to need their help so just call them as soon as possible.

When it comes to the process of free consultations, usually, the clients contact the builders via phone. Then, the builders will get some details about your plans and assess whether they’re possible or not. The possibilities depend on your location and other important details.

After that, then can schedule a site visit to see the actual area where you’re planning to have the home extension. It’s up to you if you’ll continue the process or not.

2. Realistic design

Once the builders visit your home, they can now draught some design options that are specifically for you. The experts always make sure that your preferences are taken into consideration when presenting the draft.

However, just so you can easily approve the design, you can look online and find your preferred style. It’ll be easier to come up with the best design for your property if you have a sample idea.

But when drafting the design, there might be other fees you need to pay since they’re doing extra work. So you should check the scope of their free consultation.


3. Budget-friendly ideas

One of the first things your builders would ask is your budget. So before you start finding the best home extension builders, make sure that you already have a budget for everything. And don’t be shy to tell them your budget. They can always adjust the design based on your budget.

However, it’s best if you still have additional money in case there are certain adjustments. If you’ve tried having construction projects before, then you already know that there are situations when you need to add a small amount of money.

Budgeting for home extensions tends to become out of control. So it’s best to ask for professional help, especially if it’s free.

4. Recommended materials

Ask experts, home extension builders know a lot about different materials that can be used for home improvements. For instance, you’ll be given at least three choices of flooring: vinyl, tiles, and wood. They can also give you the estimated amount of these choices so you can also consider your budget.

If you look at the website, you can see the builders’ previous work and the materials they’ve used. From there, you can analyse if these materials will give justice to your chosen design.


5. Complete team to assist you

If you have a lot of questions during the free consultation, they can easily be addressed by a complete team. That’s when you know that things will be handled by experts based on their specialisations.

Do you have questions about the design? There’s a designated designer that can assist you. The same goes for construction, permits, and engineering.

And once you agree to take the free consultation to the next step, then that is when you’ll meet the team you’ll be working with. Talking to them before the actual meet-up is also one of the benefits of availing of the free consultations.

6. Planning considerations

As mentioned before, professional builders always consider your ideas and preferences before they proceed. It’ll all start in the free consultation. Once you’ve informed them about your ideas, then can formulate a plan which includes your views.

For instance, if you like the home extension to increase the value of your property, they can suggest glass walls, seamless transition, and hardwood floors.

So just weigh all your options, and take some time before approving the proposals. After all, they’re just creating things based on their interpretation of what you want.

Have you noticed how things will get better once you’ve tried the free consultation? After all, it’s free, and you can still think about it if you’ll continue to work with your chosen team. Let us know your thought about free home extension consultations by leaving a comment below!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aliana Baraquio currently writes for Cubbit’s Granny Flats Australia, a family-owned-and-operated business that delivers Granny Flats and Home Extensions for customers for over 25 years across NSW and ACT. She also loves interior designing and home makeovers.

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