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5 Ways To Increase Instagram Reels Likes!

If you are looking for ways to increase more likes on your Instagram. Then you are at the right place because, in this article, we will discuss how to increase Instagram reel likes.

You can increase likes by following the methods of increasing likes on Instagram reels mentioned in this article, but this process is time-consuming. But these help in increasing likes.

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Increase Instagram reels likes:

By the way, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms because any user can create their community on Instagram and promote their business through Instagram, etc. Because the number of users on Instagram is continuously Increasing. But for all these things, getting likes on your post is essential because only then will you know whether users like your content. The 5 great ways to increase Instagram reels likes are described as follows:

Use appropriate hashtags:

If a user wants to get Instagram reel likes, he should use hashtags in each of his reels. The limit for using hashtags in Instagram reels is 30, but at least 3 to 5 hashtags should be used in one. When you use a hashtag in any of your reels, your reels are shown on the page with that hashtag. So that the reach of your reels increases, and if a user likes it, then he likes it, which increases Instagram reels likes.

For example, you use the #familytime hashtag in one of your posts, and when a user searches for this hashtag, your reels also appear on the page with that hashtag.

Location tagging:

Location tags are also a good way for Instagram users to find and like your posts, which get Instagram reels likes. Just like a user adds hashtags to his post, in the same way, users can add location tags to their posts.

For example, a user tags a location in his post. When a particular user searches that location, his reels appear on the page with that location because of the relevant location tag.

Post unique and engaging, and people want content:

Audiences like a post or reels only when they like its content. If the audience is not enjoying your content, why would they like your spins? That’s why you have to create unique, engaging and people want the content to get more likes on your Instagram account from your audience. So that you will get more Instagram reel likes.

Follow some tips to create engaging content:

  • Absorb all the posts on your Instagram account and see which reel you have the most likes.
  • Visit the account related to your niche and know what type of content they get Instagram reels likes.
  • Take advice from your audience and convince them to give their opinion so that you can create content of the audience’s choice.

Post reels at the right time:

The best time to post on Instagram is Wednesday 11 am as it is midday and mid-hour of the week. And most users use Instagram at this time. So that your posts reach more people at a time, thereby increasing your seat’s reach. If users like your reels, they like your spins, which increases Instagram reel likes.

Users can post on weekends between 9 am to 9 pm, as users are active on Instagram on weekends, which is likely to increase reel likes.

Post-behind-the-scenes content:

Often behind-the-scenes content is exciting and entertaining, due to which the audience likes to watch them. And when the audience and the content like it, they like it, which increases likes on Instagram reels.

When creating some content that happens while making the scene that your audience is unaware of, that content is called Behind Scene Content. And people like this content because they get to know some funny things in behind-the-scenes content. It shows how much effort has gone into creating the content.

Before posting behind-the-scenes content, you can know your audience’s desire to see how many audiences are interested in watching this content. So that you will get an idea of ​​how many likes will come on your reel.


The more likes that come on Instagram reels, the better it affects the engagement rate of the account and your Insta account grows. So often Instagram users adopt the method of getting more likes on their reels to increase their reel’s likes.

Creating the best content is the best way to get more likes on Instagram. It is the best way to impress the audience because they only like the reels when they want your content.

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