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5 Ways to Improve Your Typography in Your Marketing

Typography like cooking beautiful and delicious cakes. If your cake becomes ugly, people might not want to eat it. But if it turns out with a tempting presentation, you must have more taste testing! The same thing applies to typography.

Type art is back a few decades ago, where handmade and machine developed types. Okay, maybe it’s not a battle but there is a consistent debate about the effectiveness of the typography from digital to handmade.

5 Ways To Improve Your Typography in Your Marketing

Setting the type is an art form. Derived from handmade manuscripts and includes types of hands, before the computer revolutionizes the process. When Johannes Gutenberg discovered the type of moving, mass production and the reduction in printing costs was available.

Now everything is digital, do you notice that handmade letters and types make comeback? Humans naturally, are visual creatures and have the need to feel the connection with what they buy. With thousands of font options available in applications, programs, etc., it may be difficult to know which is the most effective. But if someone wants to change their simple text into different fonts they can visit:

Can you have a great vision and solid marketing plan for your business, but when you come to typography or even combine fonts that you feel confused and frustrated? Well, we are here to help! This article will guide you in 5 ways you can increase typography in marketing.

Choose a font with a consistent X -thickness.

X -The font type is the height of lowercase letters, not including ascenders and decreases. When X -height is consistent, allows your eyes to travel easily from letter to letter. Long text paragraphs can be scary when X -height is inconsistent. More importantly, inconsistent X -height affects visual impacts and reading efficiency.

Although certain types of choices may make sense for your market, say children’s education, is wise to limit its use in long paragraphs. Our example below uses the same copy on the left and right. The letters are not very clear and enlarged it for visibility means you lose the copy room – something that is very important for advertising and marketing. Do you also pay attention to how long you will read the text on the right?

Avoid misuse of raw signs of abuse.

In marketing, it’s easy to only focus on content and forget how it is represented in visual form.

One of the worse typographic errors that we consistently see, is the abuse of quotation marks. For example, quotation marks cannot be used when referring to a person’s height (see below). Instead, you must use the main sign (or stupid quote). Knowing when to use quotes vs. Prime Mark, will distinguish your marketing content. The details are very important!

Use several scales for contrast.

Using different types of sizes allows you to create dynamic content, contrast, and hierarchy. You don’t always need to use 20 different fonts in your marketing content. Actually, you should not use 20. We recommend following practical rules and use no more than three. If not, font soup will also confuse your reader.

You can certainly make a beautiful contrast with the type of scale, and use one or two fonts, for example we below (on the right). In the example on the left, this type feels boring, thick and does not emphasize the intention of the text. As a marketer, you spend a lot of time developing content that resonates with your target market. Make sure you maximize your efforts and use type scale tricks to create emphasis for certain words.

Fontmares occur.

It is important to consider how your fonts interact with each other when you combine it. If you don’t have a program that allows you to edit the height between each line (lead), you can end up with fontmar as below right to right. Zapfino is a font that has an ascenders and a very long decline that will overlap when used on various text lines.

Logo, logo, logo.

We understand that small businesses can have budget limitations, especially in the year of their establishment. Decide to develop your own logo or work with designers who are almost free can harm your brand. If you try one of these, we want to equip you with knowledge that will help you develop stronger results.

Readiness is very important for the logo. Remember to remember how little you are planning to place your logo. The smaller you need it, the more simplified it.

Using the wrong font, will create expensive problems. Look at our example on the lower right. If you see it on a sign, can you read it when you walk with a mall or a busy event? Isn’t the example to the left much easier to read? An unpressing logo can result in loss of prospects, sales or even loyal customers.

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