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3 Important Factors Of Local Positioning You Should Know!

Local Positioning is becoming more important for businesses with a physical location. This can be one of your most important sources of visibility in the business.

3 Most Important Factors of Local Positioning

These pillars are crucial for creating a proper Local SEO strategy and building a long-lasting local business. These are the three pillars that underpin local positioning.

  • Prominence
  • Relevance
  • Proximity

We will discuss each one and offer suggestions on how to improve each. Also, do you know how has the internet most likely affected direct and digital marketing?


Local SEO refers to the popularity of your business online. This is maintained over time. There is a good chance that a business will be well-known online if it is well-known in the area.

Social media is a key to building your prominence. Google and other search engines consider social media a key factor in determining your prominence. You must have accounts on the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

The sector-specific social networks in which your company is located.

Facebook, on the other hand, is a great platform to promote the offers you have or events you are organizing. This social network can be used similarly to Google My Business. It works like a local directory and can be used to encourage people to visit your business.

A network of citations is another way to gain prominence. These must be the most relevant to your sector.

You don’t need to be prominent only through your Google Maps profile. To rank highly and gain prominence, it is important to also build citations for the website.

These are known as backlinks and are essential in any SEO or Local SEO strategy.

You must encourage customers to leave reviews. This can be done by reaching out to them, but it is important to remember that this will only work if you have completed a proper post-sale.


Relevance refers to the level of correspondence between a user’s search intent and your offer. It is generally found in the content of a web page.

These three pillars are equally important. The last one we will discuss is the one you can do the least to improve.

We recommend that you use specific keywords to improve your business’ relevance. Also, because you are a local company, use a geographic component to the keywords they optimize.

A key factor in building relevance is to make sure your Google My Business profile is correctly optimized. This includes including the correct keywords, the correct density, and using the correct category among other optimizations you can do in your company profile.

From Google Maps. Local Max is one of the most popular services we offer, and it will take away any worries about this particular area.

The web page is another factor that can improve your relevancy in Google and other search engines. This page is called “location” and is where you will only have one location in a particular city. You must optimize it with the right keywords and optimize the Seo Off-Page and On-Page so that it ranks in the top local positions.

It is a good idea to have different locations on your website, each one focusing on specific keywords for that location,

You can also connect to your local directories. Interlinking all of these pages will create a network that is relevant and authoritative. This will allow you to build an audience and make you more relevant to search engines.


One of the most important pillars of local SEO is proximity. You must consider it when positioning your local business. You have never seen your business appear first in a search engine for its name from within the same vicinity.

This is because it is so close. This makes the proximity factor more important than all the other factors. This factor has a different impact on each sector.

For lawyers and dentists, where clients are more willing to travel, optimizing everything can make all the difference.

Particularly, the most difficult factor is proximity. You cannot change your business’s location based on where the search takes you.

If your Google My Business profile is linked to your home page, you can simply add the zip codes that you work in on the homepage. Although the home page might look a little dated, the benefits outweigh any cons.


These local SEO positioning factors are key to any Local SEO strategy. Although there are some tricks, the last factor is not as easily optimizable. Digital Specilaist recomend that you start with the first two pillars of local positioning. You will see notable visibility results from them.

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